Onboard video of landing on Mars! Thanks to all the scientists and engineers who made Perseverance possible. May it give us all years of service.

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We have never had video of a landing on Mars before. Any video you have seen like this before was a simulation or stitched together from still photos.

This video is so. Much. Fun!

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@readsteven That was amazing!! I watched parts of it frame by frame. Which kind of defeats the point of going through all that trouble to get FMV from another planet, I suppose... Hey, I heard that there were microphones onboard. I wonder why they didn't bother laying that over after all the trouble to edit and sync up events that they did do.

@mike I did almost exactly the same thing, and felt badly about it. But there's so much more useful info in 30 frames a second vs 1 (or less) per second.

The audio is here, though SoundCloud gives me a thorough headache.

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