A tool to simply "move" your Spotify end-of-year playlists to Bandcamp.

Paste your playlist URL and hit Find and it'll hook you up with the artists on BandCamp.

(This is your regular reminder that Spotify is awful for musicians and is destroying podcasts.)

@readsteven bandcamp doesnt have a lot of the songs i like, is it worth moving from spotify to SoundCloud?

@nuked Personally, moving away from Spotify is always worth it, but there are too many variables there for me to make a recommendation for you.

@readsteven what's it doing to podcasts btw? (not being adversarial, help me hate spotify even harder)

@elilla Podcasts are (and have been for 20 years) an open format that anyone can publish.

Spotify is trying to privatize this open ecosystem by buying up popular podcasts, putting them behind their own paywall and their proprietary player. Oh and still calling them podcasts.

@readsteven If it destroys Jo Rogan's shitty, overrated, posturing, repetitive, sycophantic, specious alt-lite spamcast then all power to them... I'll still listen though. I quite enjoy it.

@readsteven thanks a lot. Have passed this on to Spotifying friends, who think it's a great idea.

@readsteven This is really showing how bad spotify is about monopolizing music

Out of 100 songs in my 2020 playlist, Bandcamp has 3.

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