I've reached the point in the pandemic where, instead of obsessing over the infection numbers, I just watch a timer counting down the days until the sun becomes a red giant and consumes the earth.


Normally I'd laugh at how inaccurate this is. But this year it wouldn't surprise me if it was accurate.

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@readsteven I guess this means we get about 2 hours of 2021 before we all die.

@readsteven If I think about it, this makes planning the new year eve festivities so much easier.

@Bella @readsteven History books will need a whole chapter on 2020.

@tsturm @Bella You seem pretty optimistic that there will be more history. (I joke, but there was an earthquake in Death Valley yesterday, so I'm not placing any bets.)

@readsteven @Bella Yeah, we've had a few quakes in the central valley and up north at the Oregon border the last few days. I'm eyeing the San Andreas and Hayward faults with some worry... 2020 still has some gas in the tank.

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