This is the most Cyperpunk Dystopian things I've seen in a while. Goldman Sachs has their own font, whose license prevents you from using it to criticize Goldman Sachs.

@readsteven Fortunately, although vector fonts files on computers can be copyrighted as programs, a rasterized font pixmap cannot be copyrighted in the United States.

@niconiconi @readsteven @enkiv2 only as long as you’re careful not to use the font’s trademarked name.

@readsteven A shame they haven't heard of the Oxford Comma and its effect on legal documents.

As long as I'm not using the font "to disparage or suggest" "any affiliation with or endorsement by" then I should be fine.

i.e. I can use the font to disparage Goldman Sachs, as long as I don't use it "to disparage ... any affiliation with (them)"

If I used the font to say "Steven has an association with GS and this is a bad idea because ..." then I'd be in violation of the terms.

Any decent grafik designer you hire to rework your CI, will try to sell you making you a custom font in the process. They have too much cash so they said yes.
They are also a bunch with many lawyers.

So, really, I am not surprised 😁

@readsteven I have a particular reply to this, but I don't think it's a good idea to subject it to anyone but G-S-.

@readsteven But I can still use it to disparage the font itself, whose numbers are pretty hilariously bad for something that cost them extra, yes?

And, of course, I must make sure to call it by its full name, Goldman Sans, since I am only allowed to use that form of the Trademark it to identify the Licensed Font.

@readsteven but that's not what the paragraph says. It just says you are forbidden to imply that "This statement is approved by Goldman Sachs because I'm writing it in the official Goldman Sachs font." Pretty standard restriction btw.

@readsteven It will never beat Facebooks/Googles terms and conditions.

@readsteven That's exactly why I got me this font a while back. 😈

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