Spotify is buying up all the popular podcasts and removing them from the commons in order to drive you to their platform.

Podcasts have somehow stayed open access, built on standards, and just (mostly) work. Moving them to a proprietary platform just so a few people (ie: not you) can make money is bad for everyone who isn't making money. (ie: you.)

@MadestMadness @alcinnz @readsteven public corporations (and wannabe public corporates) are gonna behave... like public corporations (certifiable psychopaths). They are the enemy, make no mistake. (full story:

@lightweight @MadestMadness @readsteven Though in listening to fiction podcasts I'm finding that Spotify doesn't seem to be the first to attempt to lock up podcasts.

There's Luminary & "Ear Wolf" has something. I'm not sure how bad these services are because I've got plenty of other shows to check out!

@lightweight @MadestMadness @readsteven As for Spotify, nonfiction podcasts I've listened to used to portray them as the "ethical" option.

I never bought that because I don't view streaming services as being ethical.

@readsteven There was a time when every podcast wouldn't shut up about how important it was to get stars and comments on iTunes, which is arguably just as much a proprietary platform. Not arguing against you on the importantness of open platforms, but I just see it as one proprietary platform trying to wrestle another one for the spot of top dog. So far, none of the podcasts I listen to seems to have been affected and hopefully none will be exclusive but rather view it as another distribution platform. My podcast app has not yet asked me to log in to spotify.

@espen Apple podcasts is just an aggregator of RSS feeds. They don't "own" podcasting. Yes, they like their RSS feeds in a specific way, but connecting your podcast to Apple doesn't change how your podcast operates. It still syndicates openly and you can use any player for them.

People want reviews on Apple because it's a popular aggregator, and higher reviews means more eyes.

Spotify "podcasts" aren't podcasts. They don't syndicate like podcasts and the Spotify app is required to listen.

@readsteven Thats probably why I'm getting confused. Like I said, I don't listen on spotify because I find it more cumbersome, but as far as I have observed, many if not all of the podcasts I listen to are available on spotify, yet all are also available elsewhere. So I have not observed any podcasts that are exclusively available through Spotify. I'm open to the fact that you might have had other experiences and there are indeed shows that are only available though spotify and nowhere else, but as mentioned, that's not my personal experience. They appear more like an aggregator, like iTunes and distribution network.

I was unaware that Tunes only distributed RSS feeds, I was under the impression your could download the actual podcast file from apples systems.

@espen Today it was annouced that Joe Rogan's podcast (Which has an audience of at least a hundred million regular listener/viewers) will be exclusive to Spotify. It's only the latest exclusive, but by far the biggest. They've been collecting them for more than a year.

A 'real' podcast is just an RSS feed with a description and a link to an MP3. Apple provides a listing service for them, with a layer of reviews and ratings on top. The podcast app downloads the MP3s.

@readsteven Oh that is interesting. Thanks. Like I said, if things go exclusive, then they are pushing it too far and I have an issue with them

Will keep an eye on this but I haven't encountered any podcast on spotify only.

@SwindlerOfInsanity They have been signing podcasters to exclusive deals for more than a year. Today it was announced that Joe Rogan's podcast, one of the top-five most popular podcasts, will be exclusive to their platform later this year.

@dredmorbius Joe Rogan's podcast is just the latest. Here's an article from 12 months ago that mentions the trend.

If you search "Spotify Podcast Exclusives" and scroll down, you'll find plenty of citations.

I am soooooo done with corporations strip mining the value out of vibrant commons and inveitably leaving behind broken things.

@readsteven Is there a way to keep them from snapping up podcasts? A license change? Something that salts the well?

@drwho I'm the wrong person to ask, but I'm skeptical. Ultimately, a creator's content is their own. If they want to sell it to someone, they can.

@drwho @readsteven
-Ask your fav podcaster directly to not sign exclusively deals.
-Poke the fcc and/or consumer protection agency advocate for platforms to not have exclusively deals.
-Could start a public campaign aginst exclusively deails like the #fsf for softwere.
-Support platforms that support content creation fairly #lbry
-Post displesure with spotify in public comments for there app and such.
-Shop around vocally support alternative services.

@readsteven Honestly I was thrilled to see Joe Rogan disappear into the Spotify world, the less places that douchebag is audible the better.

@spacewizard Him specifically, I could not care less. But it's not just him. Spotify has been systematically buying up popular podcasts of every stripe. That's the problem.

@readsteven It's a regrettable trend, and I've already ditched one formerly favorite podcast (Last Podcast on the Left) because they went Spotify-only in January.

That made me sad. This makes me happy.

@spacewizard I hear you. (I regret that the nine-figure payday will make even more middle-aged dudes think, "Me and my buddies have opinions too! We're going to start a podcast and be the next Joe Rogan!" There was already a superabundance of these.)

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