OMG!!! It has arrived!

45 minutes before I need to go to the airport, but still.

First impression: It looks awesome! This is an amazing achievement. And the manual is incredible - there is so much work and love that went into this computer.

Can’t wait until I can actually plug it in next week! 😅


@tsturm What timing! (But wow, does it look wonderful.) I hope you can enjoy your travels. Be safe!

@readsteven I’m glad it arrived BEFORE I leave the house. So I could at least fondle it in an appreciative fashion. My Preciousss.... 😁

@readsteven And it really looks amazing. Designed by the original Industrial Designer of the old Sinclair computers only a year or so before he passed away. It’s a perfect 1980s design if we would have had 21st century manufacturing back then.

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