You know the thing in Futurama where the bureaucrats fly desks around to access enormous walls of filing cabinets?

That’s a real thing!!! (!!!!!)

Behold The Central Social Institution of Prague. It’s apparently still in operation.

This is probably all just a plan to keep people from randomly stopping by one's desk.

I've certainly thought of equally elaborate ways to accomplish the same goal.

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i guess they had someone look at the possibility of digitising all that and their head exploded.

@rick_777 @readsteven

but a lot harder to do keyword searches on.

and digital files are easier to back up. in case some dick allows ransomware in.

@Nikolai_Kingsley That depends a lot on how you index and cross-reference the files.

Your access speed is obviously lower, but you can still draw impressive inferences, connections, and relationships. The number of systems for this are pretty fascinating, several are covered in the Whole Earth Catalogue's "Signal" edition, notably wire-queried edge-punched cards.

Then there's Zettlekasten.

@rick_777 @readsteven

@readsteven If they ever remake / do a sequel to Terry Gilliam's "Brazil", this should be in it. 🙂

@readsteven and of course it's in the same place that brought the world Franz Kafka...

@readsteven This picture... Looks like a lot of accidents waiting to happen. 🤪

@readsteven found the original photographer's Instagram post...:

He has written a blog post on the office, too it looks like...

@readsteven that is honestly a beautiful thing to exist, even if actually working there would be annoying.

@readsteven I'm picturing a giant bookcase with a comfy reading nook/desk combo in the single lift...

@readsteven I want to work there! Why doesn't my desk fly! (Transphobia!)

@readsteven YES!!! I knew this existed somewhere in Prague from random vintage photos found on the internet, but I didn't have a name and google failed me. Now I can research it properly!


ah, the world. it never really finds a bottom to horrible, does it


That was totally my thought as well. 🤪


@readsteven This image is seriously messing with my orientation sensors.

@readsteven Looks like a great way to get some quiet reading done.

Back in the 30s this must have been a truly impressive achievement (still is, really).

Not to forget that in those days #Czechoslovakia was the industrial heart of #Europe.

@readsteven It's not for naught that Czechia is the birthplace of Franz Kafka. 😂

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