Earlier I shared my family pickle recipe. It reminded me of some neat things the internet can still do.

It's on my blog, which has become a sort of long-term reference to stuff I've done. Some of my self-hosted stuff is older than Google.

It's also "refined" information: I took something that was handwritten and vague, I did some research and practical experimentation to make the information better and shared the result. So, not new, but lifted up something that was obscure and nearly lost.


I mean, all this was pretty common before social media ate the internet. People hosted things that was personaly valuable to them, and that stuff turned out to be valuable to other people too. It was neat! Authentic , interesting people sharing their passions!

The landscape changed. The primary values are not personal, but ad placement, views, viral-ability, SEO, and commercial platforms. There's a great reluctance to publish something that doesn't hit most of those targets.

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@readsteven Yeppppp! I joined LiveJournal back in 2002, and ended up importing all my posts and comments into Wordpress in 2015, and have kept up the blogging since. It's great having my full history under my full control and hosting!

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