#Fediverse !! Need some reccs for low-cost or free software solutions for a friend who has a small business

She wants to digitize her punchcard system where customers buy a card in advance, and come into her shop and pick up the stuff and get part of the card crossed off

Any ideas? I am struggling even what to google...


@vickysteeves I believe a Loyalty Program is what you want to search for. Often they're integrated into the existing point of sale system.

In this area, "Free" usually means that the host company finds value by invasively tracking customers. Just something to keep in mind.

My info is a bit out of date, but here are 2 suggestions:

loyalty.whisqr.com/ (There's a fee to print cards, but you can do it yourself.)

loyverse.com/loyalty-program (Part of a full suite of business management tools)

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