Congrats to Jamaal Bowman and his supporters!

"Pinheiro remains on the force. Under Maryland law, officers are only removed automatically if convicted of a felony. Fabricating evidence and misconduct in office are both misdemeanors."

To me, fabricating evidence is as serious as it gets. Such evidence could be used to convict a suspect of a felony.

Even opening another person's mail is a felony.

Idea: free phone calls for incarcerated people. I'm looking to hook up a Twilio number and get this started

Idea: credit card that block all charges by default and lets you confirm them. This way you don't have to cancel subscriptions, they just stop charging

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Have you checked out our new member benefit yet? We have launched a free (as in freedom) videoconferencing service using Jitsi Meet: Join the FSF as an associate member today:

"The Internet Archive would not exist without the Free Software movement."
"There are services that are just too centralized. People are looking for an answer."
- Brewster Kahle

The stream urls can be accessed directly via software such as VLC:

Currently watching a talk
"Community healing: Re-establishing norms, trust, and truth after crises" at that link. At 17:15 ET Brewster Kahle will present "Locking the Web open: A decentralized web that can operate as free software does" at the same URL

How strange it is that ads such as this don't say what the company does

In the process of installing ubuntu 19.04 on my 2015 Macbook Air

Seems like my last updates are coming from November 13 2019. Maybe that's because I only follow status?


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