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Chrome’s scroll anchoring for web developers
[Viewport stays put even as content comes in progressively]

I find that I like accounts that are less personal (they don’t have to be completely unpersonal). That’s always been what made Twitter much more pleasant for me than Facebook.

Pixiv est à la recherche d'un ingénieur pour bosser sur, si jamais vous êtes intéressés.

Pixiv is looking for an engineer to work on, if some of you are interested.

I find that quite nice of Pixiv to put that much faith on mastodon when it's not that big of a social media yet.

Radar is now tracking just over 800 instances. These are a few of the instance names that caught my eye:

I have no idea what's on any of these (I haven't even opened them) I just thought the names were pretty cool.

JavaScript ebooks by @rauschma

"All of my books are free to read online and will remain so forever! I hope you’ll like them so much that you’ll buy the offline versions."

An approach I praise (and I do buy good ebooks in print too), cf.

we should stop saying you have to be good at math to program. yeah you use math but i say "good at" to talk about skills where ive achieved greater than average mastery or its a hobby, like im good at drawing or something. i avoided programming as a kid because i was a B student in math and considered "good at math" to mean gifted. how many potentially talented women programmers do we lose when they are ten years old because of this?

I don’t need favorite/boost counts for other people’s toots, but it’d be nice to see them for my own toots. They don’t affect the content of future toots, but it’s still interesting feedback.

Needed: Kickstarter/Patreon/e-Lance cross-breed, but for funding OSS features and developer/productivity tools.. 😮🤤

I have _soo many_ sideprojects that are "would be so useful!", left half-done or never started due to time constraints, but ones I'd be legit throwing money at without thinking... 🙊💸

The tricky thing to get right for a Twitter/Mastodon combo-poster would be the mentions. It could conceivably look them up via the Mastodon bridge…

So, I'm editing an open textbook (free! open to revision!) for introduction to #philosophy courses at the post-secondary level. This has been going on for awhile but I've been too busy to devote as much attention to it as it deserves. That changes now!

Here's some info:

You can subscribe to any profile URL via an RSS/Atom reader! Not that surprising, given that Mastodon is based on Atom, but still handy, especially for low-volume accounts.

I’d pay money for a service that lets me:
– Send the same post to both Mastodon and Twitter. Ideally: let me know if text is too big for a tweet, break it up into multiple tweets.
– Schedule posts to be delivered at a certain time.
– Share multiple Mastodon/Twitter combo accounts with multiple team members.

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