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Ambedkar says, Buddhism teaches Dhamma. Unlike religion which is a personal choice and a private affair, dhamma is social and public.

And then he goes on to say, without dhamma there would only be anarchy, which limits freedom. I guess ambedkar has a poor understanding of Anarchism.

Dhamma as per his definition itself is a guiding principle. Why would a anarchist society can't have a dhamma? Anarchism is not the absence of order, it is the absence of artificial order.

#Buddhism #Anarchism

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just learned about OpenBazaar, which is an open and decentralized shopping platform:


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Parents: Why do you spend on these things that are unnecessary? It doesn't even make sense.

Me: Spending on a big marriage does?

🤨 🤨 🤨

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Visiting with my 98 year old Grandpa today. He was chilling listening to this, which he's been using daily for the last 50 years

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I got a chance to talk with portrait photographer Ilya Varivchenko and to showcase some of his amazing work! (Seriously, these are some amazing photographs and a great body of work.)

He's a RawTherapee user as well.

Come check it out!

#FOSS #artwithopensource #photography #portrait #rawtherapee #strobist


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In case anyone is curious the system infrastructure here at qoto.org's collection of #ActivityPub servers is really cool.

We use some modified open-source scripts to combine haproxy, letsencrypt and docker in some really cool ways. Basically haproxy sits on port 80 and 443 acting as the reverse proxy. It constantly listens to the Docker API to detect whenever a new container comes up. If the container exposes port 80 (doesnt need to be port forwarded locally) and the local container has its own environment variable set called VIRTUAL_HOST with the domain name for the container then thats when the magic kicks in. a letencrypt SSL certificate is requested and generated automatically for the domain and a reverse proxy connection is established to it.

In the end this means if i want to bring up a brand new server (or an old one) all i do is bring up a container with the above mentioned settings and all the load-balancing, ssl cert, and reverse proxy stuff happens automatically and the server shows up with a nice ssl cert and port 80 url!

Cuts my amazon costs in half an d saves me a LOT of time in the end!

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What's so bad about centralized digital platforms?

They roundup billions of people into one pool & make it easy to target everyone at once. That's why Facebook can't stop propaganda ahead of elections.

This is why we #DecentralizeTheNet. #FreedomBox🦋

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Guy 1: Damn! Our country is ruined because of people accepting freebies from politicians during elections.

Guy 2: Oh! Dude, did you hear about Jio?

Guy 1: Yeah dude, I already got it. Just give your Aadhaar and get free data for 6 months. Its a boon for people like us.

Guy 2 (Mind Voice): For a second thought the due was wise.


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We are moving our account to the FLOSS.social - Follow us there!
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People are speaking abstracted economical politics. But this is where they should more aware of and not. Earlier thought that education would fill the gap. Now educated people are also ignorant about this. This ignorance actually catalyzing the exploitation of labour and resources. The education system is restrictive about local economy.

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I (and many others) was talking about how important hydration is. To force it on myself (yes, I have a big problem with this) I wrote this simple GNOME app. It’s not so beautiful, but it works (not really yet…)

I still have to calculate the suggested amount of water based on body weight and the weather, and add reminder functionality. But all this is the work of an afternoon, so it can happen soon 😃


Enjoying the skywatch

Lunar eclipse 2018

Location: A.P.J Abdul Kalam Puducherry Science Centre and Planetarium, Puducherry, India

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Convergent thinking is following a set of logical steps to arrive at one correct solution.

Divergent thinking is the process of generating as many answers to a question as possible.

Divergent thinking is very useful skill for creativity, because creativity involves generating a lot of possible ideas you can then select from.

- Try to come up with 50 ways to use a paperclip (or another ordinary object)
- Write a chain of associations from a topic
- Generate 10 new ideas every day

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