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@vanicpanic from my own perspective, sellers are usually motivated to close, so accepting a lower price in exchange for the buyer handling repairs is more common, but every house sale is unique, so it's worth having that discussion.

@vanicpanic if you are in a situation where you can talk to the seller more informally, you could start with "here are the repairs I would like to see" and see if they are amenable to that. But even so, you'll need to amend or resubmit the offer stating the repairs to be made so you have a legal framework if you discover after the fact that the repairs were not carried out.

@vanicpanic yeah, that's pretty much it - presumably your offer had "contingent on inspection" language, so now you are exercising your contingency. Is the realtor you are talking about acting as the buyer's agent, or are they the sellers? I'm sorry to hear you are having trouble with them, a good buyer's agent smooths the process considerably.

@vanicpanic you might want to get an estimate on your side of the cost of work, then you can submit an offer which cites that and asks for either the work to be done by the seller, or reduces the price in return for your accepting the house as is.

@vanicpanic I've been on both sides of this. In both cases the outcome was a reduction in the selling price commensurate with the expected cost of performing the needed repairs.

My spouse who does copper-plate etching, self-described as a "very medieval process", has taken the current situation as impetus to conquer her fear of the digital world, and begin offering her metal, ink & paper creations online.

Bitrise: Huzzah! We've published your private build to a public page with a long random URL no one could possibly guess!

Me: *waves hand at laptop* ... do you even ... know what these things do?

@craigmaloney ah, I remember reading 80-Micro back in the day and being amazed by this nigh unaffordable powerhouse of 32-bits, as I poked along on my 8-bit Model III

USPS package tracking...

"nope, not in the system yet"
"never heard off that..."
"check back later!"
"WOAH! It's delivered!"

@requiem I remember when they were first announced and the idea of processors running at _hundreds_ of MHz seemed insane to me.

Familiarize yourself with another female scientist whose pioneering work was swept under the rug

Random insight of the day: vector illustration is in some ways the digital cousin of block printing

@mdhughes yeah, I've been reading Kernighan's memoir, and it's just amazing how many things we take for granted came out of the hothouse of Bell Labs circa 1970:

@mdhughes I recently learned the Bourne shell scripting syntax is based off Algol 60.

Wait until all the folks writing tutting think pieces about the reliance on a '60 year old language' (COBOL) in production systems find out about C...

Least favorite MacBook touch bar feature is how it sticks a silent, unfeelable mute button right above the Delete key, so at least once a day (like when joining a conference all) I'll be baffled by why I have no sound.

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