Despite the latest version of Android Studio adopting a more unpleasant shade of green compared to Evernote, it hasn't stopped my simple brain from constantly clicking on the wrong icon, both of which it has filed under "the green one".

My spouse who does copper-plate etching, self-described as a "very medieval process", has taken the current situation as impetus to conquer her fear of the digital world, and begin offering her metal, ink & paper creations online.

The Corvids are Conspiring!

First time out with a Underworld faction. The Corvids cleaned up, they turned out to be quite a bit more dangerous than they seemed on the surface!

Enjoying my trip back to the future of slider-keyboard phones as I play around with my brand new

It's a lovely day in Bellingham, and you are a horrible goose.

Working up a sweat at @cascadegamescon - 28 points with the Lizard Cult, the closest yet I've come to victory with the scaly skulks. The Otters will win on their next turn....

Checking out @cascadegamescon in the beautiful Dome Room of the Bellingham Cruise Terminal. Looks like a very pleasant place to spend a long weekend!

Just enjoyed a delicious bag of ghost shaped potato chips from Poland!

I'm lightly amazed my bag of random adapters had what it took to put together this Rube Goldberg chain to convince myself that my unresponsive Fitbit is actually drawing current in its charging cradle: Fitbit Charger ➡ A-to-C ➡ Current Meter ➡ C-to-A ➡ A-extender ➡ Wall

I lie, I still own the Cambridge Z88 the cable was built for. Four AA cells and it fired right up.

I haven't had a Mac with ADB in a long time though.

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TFW you are digging through storage and find a hand-made patch cable that bridges between two obsolete standards for devices you no longer own (DB9 serial to ADB serial)

Closed out the gaming year with an all-day game of High Frontier 3. Ran out of time to bring it to a full conclusion, but my terraforming comets were 4 turns away from reaching Venus, so I feel pretty good about it.

Started the full campaign of last night, and got through three turns. We were going slow and careful and checking rules, it should speed up as we get more comfortable. Mind melting decision making though!

I was unaware that Hanukkah Gelt came in higher denominations

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