Honestly the sooner you can get off of Java the happier I think you'll be. Oracle has shown time and time again that they only care about making money off of Java and its trademarks and the community-be-damned.


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Just wondering, do you feel the same about the JVM or just Java-the-language?

@infernalturtle I have a pretty dim view of the JVM but I understand that folks really seem to enjoy it. Personally I think we can do better.

@craigmaloney The JVM has its warts, but the ecosystem of code, tools, and community around it are nothing short of amazing. At least that's been my experience. I'm currently making my living coding in Kotlin for Android, and JVM bytecode is the lingua franca at the center that makes it all possible.

Perhaps we could rebrand it as "The worlds most popular intermediate code format".


@rafial @infernalturtle Kotlin, Scala, and Clojure seem to be where the real growth is happening in Java, but I'd submit that all but Kotlin could have found life outside of the JVM and the only reason that Kotlin is really a thing is because of mobile.

That said I've not paid attention to the community around Java in quite some time.


@craigmaloney Kotlin was explicitly designed to marry the pragmatism and focus on language interop of Groovy with some of the rigor and lack of compromise on performance of Scala. Without the existing language communities it sought to leverage, it would have had no reason to exist.

They are now trying to bring the language to other runtimes (JS and native) but I'll be really surprised if those ever become more than a novelty.


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