Wait until all the folks writing tutting think pieces about the reliance on a '60 year old language' (COBOL) in production systems find out about C...

@rafial ? C's only 50 years old. COBOL & LISP are retirement age. But that's why I use Scheme, it's merely 45 years old!

@mdhughes 45? The blush of youth still upon its cheeks!

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@mdhughes I recently learned the Bourne shell scripting syntax is based off Algol 60.

@mdhughes yeah, I've been reading Kernighan's memoir, and it's just amazing how many things we take for granted came out of the hothouse of Bell Labs circa 1970: cs.princeton.edu/~bwk/memoir.h

Wait until you meet Bournegol, the C "dialect" it was written in.

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