The _former_ parent company of my company just sent a little package in the mail, labeled "Benefits". In some confusion, I open it to find a thumb drive that contains a single 2.9mb PDF.

Not only have they failed to realize that I don't still work for them, but I am even more baffled that somebody decided that this was the best way to distribute a small document out to however many thousand people.

@rafial So all we have to do to get a virus on your system is put a former employer's address in the return corner? Good to know!

@mdhughes I did use my USB firewall to inspect it. I'm not without caution.

@rafial "Never underestimate the bandwidth of a station wagon full of thumb drives"?

@rockario it's a ~64MB~ thumb drive which is freaking me out because I didn't even know they _made_ flash RAM that small anymore.

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