Found the amazingly well preserved original master of my self-made AD&D character sheet. Text on a typewriter, hand-ruled lines, logo traced from the D&D coloring book. Also found my first, massively twinked out character, the wizard Metzo Forte!

You're a real #greybeard @rafial. I didn't start making #DIY character sheets until I discovered narrow-character mode on my dot-matrix printer. 120 columns on A4 fanfold paper? Luxury!

From that revelation, it was weeks of tweaking a long #TextFile to painstakingly align line-drawing characters for a hideously complex seven-page #Rolemaster character sheet template.

#CashPoorTimeRich #nostalgia #merp #textfiles

@bignose ah, the magic of dot-matrix. Later I had an MX-80 that I hand built an "Old English" style font for, which I used to create various gaming documents.

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