The real truth is: THERE IS NO BRIGHT SIDE

@rafial This can't be overstated.

DRM has ZERO benefit for the consumer. It it is 100% for the benefit of the megacorps and is often hostile to normal use-cases of the buyer, such as in this case where a buyer wants it to, you know, exist.

@sandrockcstm word. I am always struck by the difference between, say, VLC, which is written with the primary goal of _playing media_, and every commercial video playing software ever, which is written with the primary goal of _don't ever accidently let you see a thing you can't prove you paid for_, and only as a far distant side effect, maybe, _play media_.

@sandrockcstm @rafial the best argument I can assemble in favour is that limited licenses for media could theoretically lead to lower prices for consumers, but to argue that you'd have to ignore the effects of restricted supply, plus basically all the data from the past two decades

@sandrockcstm @rafial From my personal glossary:

DRM (initialism for “Digital Rights Management”) — noun — closed-source black box code that acts as the digital equivalent of an ankle bracelet tracking device for paying customers but does nothing to prevent copyright infringement carried out by non-paying customers; a stupid fucking idea

@sandrockcstm @rafial Well... It was never a consumer concept. The consumer concept is called a public library.


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