Somebody should do a study to determine if the productivity gained by a team using git to collaborate exceeds the productivity lost in arguing over who is using git wrong.

@rafial Alone, I just use git to checkin and rarely to diff against last version. In a team, I do the same, but then make whichever asshole suggested git write me a command line for anything more complex. So my productivity is just fine.


@mdhughes I've started dabbling with mercurial on my own. It's the bizarre alternate universe of version control where one of the development goals was "make the tool comprehensible"

@rafial Mercurial is "what if svn was distributed, but still not bullshit". So of course the total fuckhead git proponents won.

@mdhughes @rafial

.....I'm feeling good about my choice to use it!

Of course, at the time I just did it as bitbucket offered free private repos to students, but still.

@mdhughes my theory on why the crappy tools and frameworks invariably win, is that well _anybody_ can be productive with with a good tool, but if you can pull value from a pile of broken sprockets and jagged metal, that proves you are a _real dev_

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