Third time out with *Cataclysm* ... first time to finish a game properly, and first time I felt like I was grasping the the concepts and playing intentionally. Squeaked out a victory with the Fascists in the "Days of Decision" 2-player introductory scenario, and here's the wild part: _without starting a war_ …

@rafial This looks like a neat game, but I don't know that I'd ever get it to the table.

@Tuxhedoh it can be tough getting together folks for something of specialized interest that requires a high up front investment in its complexity.

@rafial I've actually gotten Dungeon Petz to the table twice fairly recently.... this is one that I feel is fairly complex.

@Tuxhedoh I've not had a chance to try Dungeon Petz yet, but I hear good things about it!

@rafial Lots of moving pieces, but once you get them moving, it pretty much drives itself. Everything just clicks.

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