Least favorite MacBook touch bar feature is how it sticks a silent, unfeelable mute button right above the Delete key, so at least once a day (like when joining a conference all) I'll be baffled by why I have no sound.

@chrisshorb As I mentioned, check the local stream on dice.camp to find interesting folks, for example @paulczege is an active poster. Folks from other instances you might find interesting include @kensanata who talks and also some hippy indy stuff :) ... and follow @robert if you'd find some board game content in your feed interesting.

@chrisshorb Hey Chris, welcome to Mastodon. Glad to see you made it aboard.

OK, the Isolation IRC Party is *on* for tonight. Official start is 7:00 PM Pacific time, but you can join earlier and leave any time you want.

Network is IRCNet. Channel is #IsolateParty. I'm 'jwb'. Be virtually there or be really square!

DM me for details and help logging on.

Please RT, especially if you have #Seattle followers, because many of the people logging on tonight are locals.

2 1/2 weeks into Coronavirus enforced social isolation, and one of my colleagues has turned into a giant talking hamburger. Hopes for survival dwindling...

TFW a notification peeks on your display and says something you want to follow up on, but now you have to find out which of 3 email programs, 4 instant messengers, and 7 open browser tabs the notification came from.

My company has made the full version of our app _Mindful Powers_ free to install. MP teaches kids mindfulness and meditation as a way of coping with anxiety and big feelings by interacting with a flighty creature named Flibbertigibbet. I'm really glad we are doing this:



It's been one of those days where as I flip around my open windows I keep finding things waiting for me to press "Send" or "Submit" because I kept getting distracted from them at the last minute.

In these current days of spending most of the time in my house and only communicating with the outside world through a series of tubes, I'm reminded of this eerily prescient SF story from 1909: ele.uri.edu/faculty/vetter/Oth

So I hear Prince Albert of Monaco has tested positive for coronavirus
Seems then like they should probably put him in a can... 🥁

Pondering the Android API for annotating a string with metadata for text-to-speech applications. The "fraction" annotation in addition to letting you specify the numerator and denominator also lets you specify case and gender:


...and I immediately thought, "well if it is a decimal fraction, wouldn't that mean it's non-binary?" 🥁

Looking for Work, Please Boost 

The Corvids are Conspiring!

First time out with a Underworld faction. The Corvids cleaned up, they turned out to be quite a bit more dangerous than they seemed on the surface!

App wireframes I'm reviewing have a bottom nav bar, a nav drawer, AND scrolling tabs along the top.

The best part is whoever made the wireframes doesn't even seem know what the bottom nav bar might be used for, it just contains a bunch of x'd out boxes...

Who tf called it "Sonic the Hedgehog" and not "Faster, Hedgehog! Kill! Kill!"

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