@rafial Floppies that worked in other computers and an OS that didn't crash means I can't even be defeated! #atari

TFW you realize your Android phone is trying to charge your Macbook 😳

It's tell how bad work IT support has gotten after it was subsumed by our parent company that our guest WiFi has apparently been broken for weeks, and everybody around the office is just "yup, that's just how WiFi works now"

Just noticed an Alipay shingle while checking out at Walgreens

…also half of a Forth interpreter written in Java. What the heck was I doing in 2006?

Just found an old thumb drive in the bottom of a box. It's got text file with local dialup numbers for Eskimo North in the US & Canada circa 2006. Crap, where's that USB modem that I bought and never used?

Wait, so is vaporwave just bored twenty-somethings on the internet accidently reinventing ambient house from first principles?

Heartstopping moment: after waiting 60 minutes on hold to talk to a CenturyLink tech that actually seemed to know what they were doing about my Internet being out, about 60 seconds after they say "I'm going to push a new configuration to your modem" and the modem is still powering back up, a brief power cut happens due to the lightning storm 😱Fortunately when both the power and modem come back, all's well.

_Kiss of Love_ by Anything Box has been on loop in my brain for most of the day. It's like it's 1990 inside my head, all the time.

Medium has successfully trained me to only access its site in incognito windows. I wonder if I could write a Chrome plugin to automate that.

OH: "I'm surprised more dads aren't upset about climate change, since I've seen how angry they get when anyone changes the thermostat."

Best bit of #prelingerwiki event was me finding this hanky-code for hexadecimal in a 1968 copy of Datamation, and Liz insta-popularising it:

The _Disturbing Interests_ continues to spade through the most damp and sticky corners of the ashheap of to bring you only the most delightfully lurid nuggets. Pre-modern surgery and the life of sideshow workers fill out recent episodes:


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