Just glanced up at the TV in this restaurant and was not prepared for the sight of the KFC Colonel sexing up Mrs. Buttersworth.

I may not recover.

Print Witch spouse Lynn is at _Art Under $100_ from 1-8pm today at the Seattle Design Center in Georgetown - here is your chance to put in _your_ basket!

After careful consideration, I've determined that the word "problematic" is problematic.

Just a friendly reminder:

We are closer to the Y2038 bug than the Y2K bug.

Third game of _Supply Lines of the American Revolution: Southern Strategy_ proves to be the most interesting yet. No blunders out of the gate allows a tense, messy situation to develop.

The _former_ parent company of my company just sent a little package in the mail, labeled "Benefits". In some confusion, I open it to find a thumb drive that contains a single 2.9mb PDF.

Not only have they failed to realize that I don't still work for them, but I am even more baffled that somebody decided that this was the best way to distribute a small document out to however many thousand people.

Is the Undefined of NaN something like the Twelfth of Never?

Many thanks to hollandspiele.com/ for donating several games as prize support to (the little convention that could) - I won new Brian Train near-future urban combat joint _District Commander: Maracas_

Day 3, Final Game: _Tenkatoitsu_ by Hexasim - Feudal era Japanese conflict at the skirmish level. Unit orders which they may or may not follow combines with chit-pull activation to create marvelous chaos.

Day 2, Game 3: _Wir Sind Das Volk 2+2_ the game I've been most eager to bring to the table. High tension in the waning days of the 1980s as nuclear tensions threatened to tip over the brink into the final war.

In the end, we had an East Germany who never built in wall and survived into the modern era with a functional socialist economy, breaking free of the Soviet leash, while the USA turned its ambitions toward space. A hopeful alternate history.

Day 2, Game 2: brought in a full game of _SpaceCorp_ in just a few minutes over 4 hours. Managed a pretty solid victory through monopolizing production in Planeteers and a few good colony choices in Starfarers. I continue to love the narrative that this game spools out.

Day 2: Super glad _Inis_ made it to the table. Was able to get in two games, the second with 3 players and I'm starting to really see the subtly that's possible. Definitely putting this on the hotlist for more play.

Me: this project will take X hours
My Boss: can we pretend it will take less?
Me: *shrug* sure, but it will still take X hours
...several months later...
My Boss: OMG we don't have enough hours in the budget
Me: *shrug*

I think my car is possessed.

I need an old Prius and a young Prius.

Lynn: "Hey Google, play Feed the Felines"
Google: "Okay, Feed the Felines by Front Two Hundred Forty Two"
Me: ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ๐Ÿคฃ

TFW you realize the charger you plugged into your laptop last night was not actually plugged into the wall, just before you have to run out the door.

โ™ฒ @portablecity@twitter.com: Friends, I am so excited to launch the preorder for my newest pocket dungeon, The Ghost Houses of Phylinecra! Listed in http://sorcererscatalogue.shop and http://gumroad.com/portablecity in print, pocket pack and pdf!


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