Supplemental to my series, a 360ยฐ shot from Victor Steinbrueck park, overlooking a partially dismantled section of the viaduct from above, with a parked crane.

The Essential Phone that I picked up as my stopgap device came with the 3D camera accessory. It's a bit of a gimmick and quality is not great, but it's fun to be able to take a 3D shot with a single click, rather than having to do the slow complicated shot-by-shot dance of a photosphere. But then there is the weirdness that (a) you are always in your own shot and (b) your hands are always strangely positioned, manipulating an invisible device.

If you are in or near , enjoy especially of the small press or variety, and want to hang out with a bunch of really excellent and creative folk for a weekend, let me direct your attention to:

Work internet is now saddled with a draconian filter that randomly blocks access to various external sites, imposed by our corporate overlords. I can't help but feel this is one of the first signs of the end... ๐Ÿ˜•

_The Matrix_ screening is experiencing a delay due to DRM. Hard evidence we are in a future dystopia.

About to watch on the _big_ screen as part of Seattle Cinerama's _Rewind: 1999_ film series, and I'm gobsmacked that (a) The Matrix is 20 years old and (b) this black rectangle in my hand freakin' science fiction miracle when viewed from the perspective of 1999

On a whim today I picked up an Essential Phone for cheap off Swappa. It's actually one generation newer on the CPU front than my Pixel was, and I've always been curious about it. I swore I'd never get a "notch" phone, but hey, this is the OG notch.

The real goal down the line though is the F(x)tec Proยน - terrible name, but it hits so many sweet spots for me. Here's fingers crossed that they actually ship this year (supposed to be July)

I've revived my Moto X2 as my daily driver in the wake of Pixel death. I'm reminded just how delightful it was as a form factor, excellent screen, the curved leather back so nice to hold. Sadly, as a nearly 5 year old device performance ranges from leisurely to laggy, and its battery life was wretched even when it was young...

It's April 12, so happy Vostok 1 anniversary!

"Orbiting Earth in the spaceship, I saw how beautiful our planet is. People, let us preserve and increase this beauty, not destroy it!" ~Y.Gagarin

Happy Yuri's Night!

Sad result of phone death: I lost my giant, carefully curated podcast queue.

Happy result of phone death: I lost my giant, carefully curated podcast queue, and am now freed from the obligation it represented.

(See also: 50 open browser tabs)

After 2 1/2 years of noble service, my original Pixel phone quietly returned to the elemental sands this morning. The old backup phone I dug out of the closet is 5 years old, and 3 major releases of Android back, which is giving me quite the time travel experience. All the actual apps are up to date, but they are surrounded by a system UI I had almost forgotten...

Seattle locals who like a good etching may find it to their advantage to visit MFM-themed _My Favorite Craft Show_ where best spouse Lynn the Art Dork will be vending her latest prints!

Excellent _Troika_ inspired madness:

โ€œ43: Crowblin Assassin
The crowblins are generally regarded as a mistake, or some sort of infernal joke. The crowblin assassin casts some doubt on who exactly the punchline is. This crowblin has single-mindedly focused on becoming silent and deadly, striking from surprising angles and escaping through what you might generously call winged flight. Yet there is no one left alive to express any sort of mirth.โ€

From Tore Nielsen at acontinentofbanalities.blogspo

"You seem to be interested in pizza."

I feel seen, Google. I feel seen.

While the Fediverse is usually pretty awesome, I have no idea why the whole thing has completely missed out on the most vital holiday of the year.

It is #WorldRatDay.

To celebrate, have some smiling #petrats #petrat

Twix! Why are you trying to make me conform to a forced binary?

3 Most Recent RPGs:
โ˜… Scum and Villainy
โ˜… Ryuutama
โ˜… Tenra Bansho Zero

3 Favorite RPGs:
โ˜… Burning Wheel
โ˜… Stars Without Number
โ˜… Savage Worlds

3 Most Want-To-Play RPGs:
โ˜… Sentinel Comics RPG
โ˜… Fantasy Trip
โ˜… Shinobigami

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