Signed up for the beta program to try out the "Limepod" aka Fiat 500, which have been showing up around Seattle. The current onboarding experience was a bit wonky, they don't let you do the driver check ahead of time so you have to scan your license while standing around on the sidewalk, not ideal when it is dark and windy. It was fun to drive though, although the semi-automatic transmission is weird. It shifts down to 1st when you stop, but you have to push the lever to make it shift up.

Our Toys for Tots drive at work is seeding the next generation of roleplayers.

Somebody should do a study to determine if the productivity gained by a team using git to collaborate exceeds the productivity lost in arguing over who is using git wrong.

"We found him! We finally found him!

The Installation Wizard!"

Got to try out _This Guilty Land_ yesterday. Such an ambitious design! I was sucked in by the fascinating play dynamic, then ambushed by the end-game scoring when I thought I had done well as Oppression. Finally post game analysis of what is required for an Oppression victory left me queasy as I began to understand what that implied in real terms. Disturbing by design.

Drinking ๐Ÿท and ๐Ÿพ in the ๐Ÿ”ช room

For reasons, I'm trying to install an old, old version of the .NET framework under WINE, and the installer keeps telling me "The file has successfully downloaded, you may now disconnect from the Internet," and I'm all like "...but HOW?"

Somebody put every board game name on BoardGameGeek into a neural network and generated game names.


Some examples:
Pirates of Gettysburg
Doctor Who: The American Revolution
Chaos & Canada
Santa Commander: The Card Game
Race to the Reich
Chronicles of Checkers
Rock Happens
Don't Pet Your Car!
Star Wars: Elves of the Ancient War 1945-1965
Contraction Castle
Battle for Catan
Dungeon Continental Baseball

Third time out with *Cataclysm* ... first time to finish a game properly, and first time I felt like I was grasping the the concepts and playing intentionally. Squeaked out a victory with the Fascists in the "Days of Decision" 2-player introductory scenario, and here's the wild part: _without starting a war_ โ€ฆ

In a strange turn of events, I now possess a martini in a sippy cupโ€ฆ

A chess club gathered each day in December in the main hall of a local hotel to have loud discussions about their latest wins, each win more extravagant than the last. One of the employees asked them to stop, but they insisted on speaking to the manager - and the manager refused. "It's just something about the season. I love hearing Show more

Got the keyboard cover for my Pixel Slate. It's actually way more lap-able in this configuration than I expected. Also, really liking the round keys so far, and love that it is backlit.

Google Lens is cool and all, but hey Google, I'm not cool with a Mr Rogers song being used in a commercial context ๐Ÿ˜•

@Judd enjoying Dreaming about Dragons so far. I like the "bite-sized" nature of it. It's like a good blog post in audio format.

TFW your new computing device cheerfully tells you it has paired with a "pointing device" and you have no idea _what or where it is_!

Mars InSight landed, first photo relayed via cubesats, and phoned home direct via X-Band. Flawless victory!

Cudos to the website watch ad where the watch has functioning hands that show the current time.

I am 110% down for shipping Lara Croft and Wonder woman (art by stjepan sejic)

Freaky. I currently have no active pledges on Kickstarter. That can't last.

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