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The Song Contest is heading to the USA 🤩

We're super excited to announce that The American Song Contest 🇺🇸 will debut in 2021!

Read all about it 👉 eurovision.tv/story/the-eurovi

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This has to be one of my favorite @googlemaps@twitter.com glitch: The former podium for the Mile Rock Lighthouse in the Golden Gate is floating hundreds of feet in the air like something would have drawn for a graphic novel. @SFMaritimeNPS@twitter.com

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The first film version of Ben-Hur was released in 1907. The producers didn't acquire the rights to Lew Wallace's 1880 novel, resulting in a lawsuit that established the legal precedent that movies based on books need to pay for the film rights

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Las 7 diferencias o más
Hoy en @eldia@twitter.com y @laprovincia_es@twitter.com

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“El éxito es obtener lo que quieres. La felicidad es querer lo que obtienes”.
–Dale Carnegie

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Bolding text on mouse hover causes a layout shift that's especially noticeable when elements start wrapping. Here's a nifty trick: add a hidden pseudo element with the same text string but set it to the bold font size 🙌

See it on @CodePen@twitter.com: codepen.io/hexagoncircle/pen/W

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learning the difference between “I can’t do this” and “I haven’t done this before”.

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Tras actualizar a Linux Mint 20 Ulyana he visto que Python 2.x ya no forma parte del sistema (aleluya!) pero algunos programas importantes como youtube-dl dejaron de funcionar por ello. La solución fue esta:

sudo apt-get install python-is-python3

Y ya no hay más Python que el 3

Estoy leyendo algunas frases de Juan Carlos I incluidas en el documental que van a emitir TVE esta noche, y algunas también me parecen sacadas de El Mundo Today. Cuánto daño ha hecho el Faro de Vigo!

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This is such a perfect example of modern innovation in action — wireless charging, which saves us like 0.001 seconds every time we plug in our phones, uses up to *50% more energy*.

Nearly imperceptible convenience, at massive social cost


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I've been experimenting with procedural architecture. Starting to build up to a complete environment, but here's some window/door designs for starters. Music by @gutterboxaudio@twitter.com

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This is how a baby gorilla & baby human react to a cold stethoscope.

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