As someone who remembers the first 3D models of Mario and Luigi, JEEEEEEEEZ


Taking a close look at the renders, you can see that while Mario's hat is embroidered, Luigi's hat is a bit less fancy with a simple fabric "L" sewn on.


capitalist propaganda 

Why do I work in a place like this?

boomers were never allowed to say “masturbate” so they always call it, like, “the one-handed tango” or something like that

Is it bad that I almost prefer drawings than real human beings for sexual stuff????

@garfiald *pleroma user voice* a white teenager screaming the n word while having a loli avatar is the height of comedy

using chown 777 /usr/lib to own the libs


ubuntu unity adds a feature that sends your search queries to amazon over https. this feature is enabled by default but can be turned off. RESULT: community-wide outrage, massive backlash, feature is set to opt-in and has since been removed

windows 10 adds ridiculously invasive spying to its operating system, bakes in ads, bundles candy crush, forces restarts for updates, aggressively forces upgrading from windows 7/8/8.1 for an entire year, uses the insider rings to test buggy updates, repeatedly "accidentally" resets the default browser to edge, injects advertisements for edge into the operating system, advertises onedrive from the file manager, forces invasive telemetry on users that can be made less invasive (but never disabled) by upgrading to the more expensive version... RESULT: outrage, backlash, etc. some hold on to 7/8.1 but eventually give in. windows 10 becomes the most popular OS in the world. users accept that this is the way things are now.


pfft they say Pleroma doesn't have a mascot

I say Pleroma's mascot is girldick


It is 2AM, and I am desktop shitposting. The future is now!

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