As someone who remembers the first 3D models of Mario and Luigi, JEEEEEEEEZ


Taking a close look at the renders, you can see that while Mario's hat is embroidered, Luigi's hat is a bit less fancy with a simple fabric "L" sewn on.


capitalist propaganda 

boomers were never allowed to say “masturbate” so they always call it, like, “the one-handed tango” or something like that

*journalist voice* mastodon is dead

Is it bad that I almost prefer drawings than real human beings for sexual stuff????

@garfiald *pleroma user voice* a white teenager screaming the n word while having a loli avatar is the height of comedy

using chown 777 /usr/lib to own the libs


pfft they say Pleroma doesn't have a mascot

I say Pleroma's mascot is girldick
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