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Excellent video:


I think the fediverse represents a reclamation of the internet by the people on it, away from the coroproations which try to steal it. We can have a second golden age.

Reject the capitalist internet, bring back the friendly neighborhood internet. Get your friends on here.

Don't be afraid to get weird with it. Let's get even weirder. And let's do it on _our_ platforms. The internet belongs to us.

@sir what if I was inspired by the last tranche of the initiative and created a blog even tho it was over?

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@sir the link I received via email has the wrong tld

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Vote for your favorite domain with NullCoin - the currency that doesn't exist, requires no computing power, and is fully imaginary!

Untaxed, non-transferrable, and in unlimited supply, power your next fiscal empire with Null Coin. "It's all in your head anyway."

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Please send me your weird fediverse finds like this completely standalone ActivityPub chess server castling.club

@sir how can i use qemu in sway without the compositor intercepting keybindings?

@sir Where can i find the Latte Dock branch you worked on? Is the layer shell proposal for KDE dead?

@sir what happened to qtlayershell and Latte Dock wlr-layer-shell support?


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