Back on Arch again too, Manjaro just wasn't cutting it... :archlinux:

switched from Arch to Manjaro on the desktop after a long while, not disappointed so far... 👍 :archlinux:

Man, this things been abused but it just keeps going...

Linux kernel 4.19x and destroyed WiFi on every image I'm put on the 3 so far... Wtf

Need to get a digital TV tuner setup somewhere along the line too...

Replaced the 3 with a Zero W in production as an A2DP Sink.
Waiting for the new A+ to drop now!

Finally setup my RPi3 as an A2DP receiver. gotta update my Github repo yet tho :debian:

Finally renewed my SSL certs before they expired this time and got them switched to a wildcard!

Fuck this place... It's literally impossible to just keep the power on. Seriously, WTF

Service outage this time... No internet for a bit

Lost power 3 times in 3 weeks... this is ridiculous... 😡

2 power outages in 2 weeks... Gonna be a long season w/o a UPS 😡

Fixed the web chat btw. should have done it a while ago, omemo support will be soon too.

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