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🚨Just released: Important new report from @humanrightsnyu, giving a thorough look at the World Bank’s ID4D initiative, one of the most important drivers of digital identity systems around the globe. But the report raises the question: are they jeopardising people’s human rights?

As part of a broader call to shine light on the UK 'hostile environment' we wanted to highlight the use of GPS tags on migrants.

Earlier this week @BIDdetention
@migrantsorg & PI organised a light projection on Lunar House to criticise this highly punitive surveillance measure.

ICYMI: Here's a breakdown of the Competition Appeal Tribunal's judgment regarding Meta & Giphy 👇👇👇👇

PI was granted permission to intervene in the @meta @CMAgovUK case, one of the first successful applications to intervene before the Competition Appeal Tribunal brought by a campaigning organisation.

Read our press release on the judgement 👇

Yesterday, the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT) upheld the Competition and Markets Authority’s (@CMAgovUK) assessment that Meta’s purchase of GIPHY harms competition, an assement we were allowed to intervene in. 🎉

But what does this mean? How did we get here? 🤔 🧵⬇️

Right now a handful of big tech companies are consolidating their power & acting increasingly as gatekeepers to your activities online. Because of their dominance, big tech companies are able to collect vast amounts of data.

The more data they have, the better they are able to profile you and your loved ones and trap you into using their services or target you with ads.

In the process, they buy up or kill off any competition.

Last year, Meta, the largest provider of social media sites and display advertising in the UK, acquired GIPHY, the largest provider of GIFs.

In November, the CMA found that the merger between Meta & GIPHY will give rise to a substantial lessening of competition.

We intervened in support of the CMA’s position, and argued that Meta could use GIPHY to further expand & potentially abuse its dominance in social media and messaging, as well as digital advertising markets at the expense of consumers and competitors.

We think that big tech’s data dominance is affecting the functioning of democracy and have profound societal impacts.

That’s why we campaign to challenge the data dominance of big tech companies, and why we jumped at the chance to intervene in this Meta/Giphy merger.

And now, the CAT confirmed the CMA's assessment and dismissed all but one of Meta’s appeal grounds, paving the way for Meta to sell GIPHY, as demanded by the CMA.

A small but mighty step in standing up to Big Tech - they can and will be challenged.

.@mbachelet @UNHumanRights confirms the importance of having civil society at the negotiation table of the @WHO's instrument on pandemic preparedness, response & recovery

As part of a wider coalition we've been advocating for this too 👉

Our latest research shows @Office365 offers surveillance features that allow employers to read all users communication without their knowledge.

Find out more:

Read our latest research on @Office365 and how it could be used by your employer to monitor your activities and read all your communications.

Read our latest research on @Office365 and how it could be used by your employer to monitor your activities and read all your communications.

Think @Office365 is just about Word, Outlook and Teams? What if we told you it can also be used by your employer to spy on you?

ICYMI: Last night, we were with @BIDdetention and @migrantsorg, shining a light on the UK's 'hostile environment'.

Check it out ⬇️

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