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@FMA_PH Amend the Anti-Terror Law to limit the surveillance powers of law enforcement and the military.

@FMA_PH Repeal or amend any law that legalises mass surveillance to align it with human rights standards.

4️⃣ Your rights - what can you do about your data once it's in the app? Can you correct it, erase it, object to its processing? How easy is it to do this, can it be done at short notice?

5️⃣ Third-parties - who else can access your data? Are you even told who they are? Are you comfortable with the identity of these third-parties, and the purposes for which they will be given access?

3️⃣ Purposes of processing - what is your data being used for? The more clarity on what each type of personal data is used for, the better.

Privacy policies are only the starting point. Some apps may work differently in practice.

In past research, we found some period-tracking apps share data with Facebook. Most of these apps changed their practices, but the issue remains relevant.

The information that you enter on the app can be stored locally (in your device) or in the company's servers. The former is ideal, as it effectively limits access to that information.

Keen to start testing a few apps?

Feel free to use our data interception environment.

You can access the tool, as well as how-to videos, here 👇

NEW! 🚨

The UK has become an offshore haven for the private intelligence industry. 🕵️‍♂️🕵🏾‍♀️🏝️

Our briefing details how these corporate spies have been allowed to run wild - and what needs to be done about them.


Comprised of 100s of private detectives, corporate intel firms and PR agencies, and often staffed by ex-spooks, they operate around the world and have one thing in common: secrecy. 🤫🔎💰

Yet, despite reports of hacking, monitoring Harvey Weinstein’s accusers, spying on environment activists, and running fake ‘astroturfing’ campaigns for big polluters, nothing is being done to reign them in.


Our briefing examines the current legal landscape in the UK, how these firms are regulated by the UK’s data protection and surveillance laws, and the gaps in regulation which make their operations possible.


We also caught up with @wildfranz from @TBIJ to hear about how these firms are being widely deployed by huge legal firms and their work exposing them - listen here. 🗣️🎧

What needs to be done?

We need tougher enforcement of existing laws and new regulation for private spies, something that other countries already do and was promised in the UK years ago, but still hasn’t happened.


What can you do?

If you’re concerned about some of these companies holding your data, here’s a guide about how to complete a Data Subject Access Request

🗳 The Philippines is going to the polls on Monday.

Our partner @FMA_PH has produced a checklist of priority issues for incoming officials, including privacy and data protection.

Check it out here 👇

We are looking for content creators that want to (anonymously) share their experienced with online platforms around data privacy, security and relationship with platforms.

Their feedback will shape our advocacy to hold these companies to account!

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