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Help @privacyint @WorkerInfoX and @ADCUnion to hold companies like Uber and JustEat more accountable to their workers by signing our petition against being :

We have teamed up with @WorkerInfoX
@ADCUnion to challenge the surveillance practices deployed by some of the biggest companies in the gig economy sector e.g.Uber, JustEat, Bolt, Deliveroo & others.

Take 2 mins to sign the petition:

🔮 Do you have any predictions for 2022? 🔮

We're putting together a podcast looking at what's coming up for 2022 (and what we got wrong about 2021). You can find last year's predictions here:

Let us know what you think by replying to this tweet 👇

Imagine a future without a boss. Sounds goods right? Well, be careful what you wish for. Many gig economy workers are already , and it provides a worrying insight into what all of our jobs could look like in the future.

Join our campaign at

It can be overwhelming to think about the amount of data big tech has about us. But there are things you can do.

For example, you might be able to ask companies to give you a copy of your data. Read this guide to learn how 💪

Want to know why you are being followed around the web by the same ad? It’s really easy just go to…we’re kidding you’ll never know 😡

✨ But there are things you can do. Read our guides to see how you could protect you & your friends from online tracking

We don't think privacy should be a luxury. That's why we advocate for companies to provide the latest security features and privacy protections for low cost phones, as well as high cost phones.

NEW! We are recruiting a consultant to help us map legal and regulatory frameworks on data protection, right to privacy, freedom of assembly, in Georgia and Ukraine.

Read all details and apply here:

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The data-intensive tactics used by the opposition to reproductive rights to curtail access to abortion care range from misleading websites to sophisticated ad targeting. Read more here 👇

ID systems can put trans people at risk, especially when there is no way (or poor and invasive ways) to correct them.

To find out more about these issues, read our report on the impact of ID systems on trans people:

Can’t stand ads following you on the internet? We’ve got something for you 🎁:

To hear more about this concerning situation of double registration in Kenya and the implications on people an their rights listen to our podcast with @yussufugas and @KerenWeitzberg 👇

We’re increasingly seeing privacy and data protection concerns arising from social protection programmes.

🤓Learn more about our approach to researching social welfare systems:

We’ve increasingly seen privacy & data protection concerns arising from social protection programmes.

The global Covid-19 pandemic has acted as a catalyst for technology-intensive initiatives for welfare distribution with implications for human rights 👉

Our partners @KELINKenya write about sexual and reproductive rights in Kenya, including about tech tools facilitating access to sexual and reproductive rights emerging in the country

💰📲💰 A few months ago we outlined some of the harms associated with unregulated loan Apps in Phillipines & Kenya brought to light by research conducted by our global partners @FMA_PH and @StrathCIPIT respectively 👇

Hear from @Karisma - one of our global partners in Colombia - about the use of technology in the response to the Covid-19 & their report "Useless and Dangerous: A Critical Exploration of Covid Applications and Their Human Rights Impacts in Colombia".


A few months ago @gushosein & @alexandrinepdec had the pleasure to speak to @massimomarelli Head of the Data Protection Office at the @ICRC to discuss the risks presented by humanitarian agencies' increasing processing of data.

🎧 Listen to our podcast:

We asked five menstruation apps for our data and here is what we found…

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