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@Haki_na_Sheria @belkiswille @hrw @KerenWeitzberg Many of the issues highlighted reaffirm the concerns and demands PI and our global partners have presented in challenging digital ID systems in a refugee setting which fail to consider impact and risks associated with their deployment.

@Haki_na_Sheria @belkiswille @hrw @KerenWeitzberg A victim of double registration explains how the situation they have been in for a long time feels like "a bottomless well", and that "there is no hope".

@Haki_na_Sheria @belkiswille @hrw @KerenWeitzberg As Dr. @KerenWeitzberg notes the double registration problem in Kenya is inter-generational as it not only impacts those directly affected but it will also prevent them from registering their own children and grandchildren.

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Later on today we will join
Grace Mutung'u @Bomu
Dr. @KerenWeitzberg
Belkis Wille @belkiswille of @hrw @yussufugas & Haretha Bulle of @Haki_na_Sheria for what will be a fascinating conversation about in Kenya.

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Facial recognition is not a shiny toy for police forces to play w at the expense of our fundamental rights 🙅‍

PI + @cancivlib responded to the Canadian @PrivacyPrivee's consultation asking for stronger protections against police use of this invasive tech

Ahead of tomorrow's event you can listen to our podcast with
@yussufugas, Executive Director of @Haki_na_Sheria and Dr @KerenWeitzberg, an academic from UCL, about the trouble with identity in Kenya from double registration to exclusion & discrimination.

How can privacy and data protection law help defend migrants’ rights?

ICYMI - Watch the recording of our and roundtable with @gardencourtlaw 👇

The breadth and variety of digital health solutions can make it difficult to understand their human rights implications.

We've mapped out their main features, and the relevant rights frameworks that apply.

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🚨 Don't forget to join us tomorrow for this important discussion organised by @Haki_na_Sheria to discuss in Kenya.

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Fuelled by the pandemic, digital health solutions are being adopted at an unprecedented rate. But there's still little discussion about their implications for data protection, privacy and other rights.

We identify the key concerns below.

We designed a face mask, as a symbol of resistance against the use of in public places.

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What do we mean when we talk about digital health, and what are its implications for human rights?

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Join us for this week's episode of the Technology Pill as we talk to @juandiego about Colombia's 2,000 covid apps!

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The adoption of digital health programmes is rapidly expanding, with little consideration of their impact on human rights.

We've mapped out some the key concerns for you.

Healthcare systems around the world are becoming reliant on the collection and processing of vast amounts of personal data.

But is more data really the key to better healthcare?

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LIsten to the Technology Pill this week as we talk to @Karisma about the 2,000 covid apps that popped up all over Colombia

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We designed a face mask, as a symbol of resistance against the use of in public places.

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Techno-solutionism is gaining traction everywhere, including in the healthcare sector.

However, digital health is not always as promising it seems.

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What needs to change for digital health to be privacy-friendly?

Reflecting on our work with our global partners @KelinKenya @ipandetec @cis_india @adcderechos, we highlight a few key challenges and solutions in the following piece.

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