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It also showed how problematic our dependence is. Facebook has shown over and over just how harmful its business model can be for users.

Extensive and invasive data collection fuels the continuous stream of scandals that Facebook has faced over the past years.

Scandals such as 👇👇

Facebook went AWOL this week. Not only Facebook but also its other products & companies like Instagram and Whatsapp.

But of course you already know this because you're probably one of the 3.5 billion users who rely on the company's services.

Also - ❗️recent research by @panoptykon shows how Facebook's algorithmic fixation on “engagement” and ad profit ignores collateral damage, such as users’ mental health.

Facebook has promised to do better over and over. They keep releasing tools under the guise of giving users "more control". But over and over they have failed to deliver on their promises.

What needs to change is Facebook's very business model.

But how will that ever happen?

This most recent outage showed how Facebook dominates communications and socialisation for billions of people.

Because Facebook is so dominant, it has no incentive to implement meaningful solutions - like fundamentally collecting less data about users.

The company is already facing antitrust actions around the world. There is a need for meaningful competition which would allow big tech companies to compete on privacy best practices.
Then people could choose to use the companies that take privacy and data security seriously.

We with others argued for just that recently.

Facebook keeps demonstrating how crucial it is for governments and regulators to take swift action to ensure the company better protects privacy and human rights.

Don't miss this sessions today to hear about the great work done by NGOs to advocate for ID systems which protect people & their rights.👇

A great opportunity to learn about ID systems in Kenya, Uganda & India, and the harms experienced by people and communities.

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PI, together with @EFF, @article19org, @OpenRightsGroup, @1Br0wn, responded to the UK consultation on a new pro competition regime

You can read it here 👇

We call on the UK’s competition reform to put individuals at the centre, include civil society when assessing digital companies' practices, and promote competition 💪

There’s a misconception that privacy is just about hiding personal information, but privacy is actually so much more than that.

In our series we
explais how privacy is foundational to who we are as human beings.

We designed a face mask, as a symbol of resistance against the use of in public places.

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vaccination certificates must be designed & deployed with the necessary safeguards in place to protect people & their rights.

@WHO has set some of the minimum demands when designing & deploying such documentation but govt's must do even better.

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