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In our podcast Technology Pill, we talked to UN Special Rapporteur @NiAolainF about the use of biometrics in counter terrorism and its impact on fundamental rights, and with @KerenWeitzberg and @toftdjanegara on the case studies - don't miss it!

@UnwantedWitness @cpjvanveen @StrathCIPIT @ISERUganda In addition to the wonderful research produced by these organisations, we invite you to look at our piece "Exclusion by design: how national ID systems make social protection inaccessible to vulnerable populations".👇

Citizens have a right to privacy from their governments - including online.

@CIDH: include in your review of violations in

Our latest case-studies show that the use of biometrics in the name of counter-terrorism creates risks for whole populations, particularly vulnerable people who have little access to legal redress. should only be deployed with great caution.

@KELINKenya @MalecheAllan So great to hear @KeneEsom @UNDP raise concerns about ongoing lack of access to ID for many, and barriers created when access to economic, social and cultural rights are tied to the provision of such documentation.

We wrote about this. Check it out 👉

@KELINKenya @MalecheAllan @KELINKenya warns that the protection of the right to privacy of key populations living with and affected by HIV and TB is essential as the consequences of violations are severe.

💥 Ban biometric surveillance!💥

We’re joining a global call with @AccessNow @AmnestyTech @internetfreedom @idec @edri @hrw and 170+ human rights advocates to ban this harmful tech that fuels discrimination and violates civil liberties:

Check out the amazing work undertaken by @Karisma and beyond in 2020 in what was a very challenging year! Congrats 🎉

And check out their work specifically on Security and 👇


Our latest case-studies on the use of biometrics for in Somalia Israel Palestine Afghanistan Iraq illustrate how civilians get embroiled in these systems and lose agency over their data.

So wonderful to see this fabulous panel with great organisations we've had the pleasure of working with on this topic of digital identity and exclusion!

🎧 Tune in tomorrow to listen to @UnwantedWitness @cpjvanveen @StrathCIPIT and @ISERUganda 👇

Don't miss these two events with the fabulous @KELINKenya and other great speakers to discuss the risks and human rights implications of 👇

We talked to UN Special Rapporteur @NiAolainF about this UN Security Council Resolution. She presented concerns about the lack definitions to define what is and the implication this has to effective regulate such are measures 👉

Heard about the NHS data grab? 🚨🚨If you are in England, you have until June 23rd to tell your GP you don’t want your data to be shared. 🚨🚨
Check out the work of @medConfidential to find out more and opt out:

How did biometrics come to dominate the agenda? Find out more by delving into our three new case studies on Somalia, Palestine, Iraq and Afghanistan.

🎧 Listen to what @KerenWeitzberg, author of this case-study, told us about this particular issue of how border management and counter-terrorismare bleeding into one another👇

🎙In our latest podcast we spoke to @toftdjanegara, the author of this case-study, on the vast processing of biometric data in
by the US & other entities. Listen her👇

🎧 Listen to what @KerenWeitzberg, author of this case-study, had to say about the impact of such measures on Palestinians👇

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✨ But there are things you can do. Read our guides to start protecting you & your loved ones from online tracking

“If people migrating are viewed only as a security problem to be deterred and challenged, the inevitable result is that governments will throw technology at controlling them,” our @Edin_O said to @ap.

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