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On why not listen to @NaomiFontanos and AR Arcon discuss what the right to privacy means to them and their fight against the government's plan to deploy an ID card system?

China isn't the only country looking for facial recognition that captures skin colour - you can find out more about a system that was challenged in Italy here: - but the scale of the Chinese approach...

We’re glad to have supported the fight for transparency in public services. Our original questions to Palantir about their NHS deal are here. 👇
Some remain unanswered but we’re now a much bigger step closer to proper...

ID systems are often riddled with discriminatory designs, bureaucracy and technical failures.

These issues & their consequences are amplified when ID is made a requirement to access social services.

Read how...

Congrats to @openDemocracy and @Foxglovelegal!

We can’t let Palantir or other big tech extend their reach inside public institutions.

And the fight isn’t over, as it’s not just the NHS - all roads lead to Palantir.

See our report with @NoTech4Tyrants:

.@adcderechos nos ofrece 10 de las noticias más importantes para la defensa del derecho a la en 🇦🇷

Temas incluye , reconocimiento facial, , apps,
monitoreo de las redes sociales, relaciones gobierno-empresas, e-salud.......

Join us and others later today to discuss the mandate of the UN Special Rapporteur on the right to and the role it plays to promote and protect this right along with many other fundamental rights and freedoms.

When ID becomes a requirement to access basic social services, those most vulnerable are left behind.

With the help of @cis_india, @KELINKenya and @UnwantedWitness we analysed examples of exclusion documented in India, Kenya, and Uganda...

Nuestros amig@s de @adcderechos trabajaron con @EquisVasco para ofrecer a periodistas y comunicadores algunas nociones básicas sobre qué es la privacidad y la protección de datos personales, y temas relacionados, i.e. los alcances políticos y económicos, y la democracia...

And don’t forget context in which these are being proposed:
✔️still critical unknowns of vaccine efficacy in reducing transmission
✔️too many still do not have access to vaccine
✔️emerging barriers to access, i.e. fear of deportation, ID...

Discussions over vaccine passports are hotting up around the world.

But will they worsen global exclusions and inequalities?

This week don't miss @7amleh's annual Palestine Digital Activism Forum!

It starts *today* in less than one hour!

Application process underway to appoint new Special Rapporteur on the right to .

Deadline: 13 April 2021 (12 Noon Geneva time)

🇺🇳 More info on the @UN_HRC website

Con un poco de retraso feliz cumpleaños a @TEDICpy! 🎉

Siempre es un placer trabajar juntos! 😀

Civil society organisations and activists arround the globe have led the fight to challenge discriminatory and exclusionary systems.

⚖️ Read our guide on 'Litigating Identity Systems' to see how their arguments played out in court....

Welfare and tech don’t always mix well.

After rushing digitisation reforms, India's distribution system inadvertently prevented women in poverty from accessing food rations during the pandemic.

Read more about @cis_india's investigation...

People are unfairly and repeatedly asked - even in times other than a global pandemic - to choose between privacy and security, between and health, as if this was a zero-sum game.

But it isn't.

Find out why :...

One year on and we're still updating our tracker monitoring the global response to 👀

Do you have any news of what's happening where you are?
Let us know!

If you are at a crossroad in your career and you're exploring new opportunities then this might be just for you!

We are looking to recruit a Legal Officer to join us!

Deadline: 9 April 2021

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