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Biometric mass surveillance is creeping out of science fiction and in to the real world - we're asking the EU to take a stand and put it back where it belongs.

If you're a european citizen, sign the ECI and join us:

The DWP (UK welfare agency) works with tabloids to shape a discourse that they clamp down on so-called “benefits cheats.” Read more about this and how they surveil benefits claimants...

@FMA_PH’s latest report explores loan apps in the Philippines and the implications for users and their fundamental rights.

Financial inclusion at what cost? 👇

We joined 230 organisations calling for @DHSCgovuk to make the coronavirus vaccine safely accessible for everyone, regardless of immigration status.

Join the campaign for

Facial recognition already stands against fundamental rights and values, but that isn't stopping people - it's time the EU made the law clear and banned biometric mass surveillance

Join us:

Did you know if you receive benefits in the UK you may be at the mercy of an algorithm that will flag you and expose you to the surveillance of the DWP?

The @ACLU is right.

Biometric mass surveillance is too dangerous a tool - that's why we're asking the European Union to ban it.

If you're a European citizen, sign our petition and join us:

📆 It’s not too late to sign up to join this event by @DigitHarium about social protection programmes and the implications for recipients of assistance and what it means for humanitarian orgs to remain neutral, impartial, and independent.


1 - @EFF revealed today how the LAPD have been requesting Ring doorbell cameras footage of Black Lives Matter protests ( Here is a short thread on why this is part of a worrying bigger picture.

2 - Public-Private surveillance partnerships can seriously undermine our freedoms and alter democratic societies by normalising surveillance. You shouldn't have to worry that your tech purchases might be used for surveillance purposes.

1.1 - Over 2,000 public safety agencies have signed formal partnerships with Ring worldwide. The partnerships allow police to use a law-enforcement portal to canvass local residents for footage without warrants.

5 - One of Amazon's employees last year commented: "The deployment of connected home security cameras that allow footage to be queried centrally are simply not compatible with a free society. Ring should be shut down immediately and not brought back."...

2.1 - These public-private partnerships do not offer the transparency we need to scrutinise them. Often, only heavily redacted contracts make it to the public sphere.

1.3 - Normalising bulk footage requests from people without warrants is dangerous. It adds to the state's plethora of mass surveillance tools.

1.2 - Warrants exist to protect us. Law enforcement needs to justify access on reasonable suspicion.

3 - Police forces already have access to a variety of investigative tools and publicly-funded street cameras.

5.1 - We agree. This is another example of how public-private surveillance partnerships often put disproportionate power in the hands of the state. And any example is an example too much. Find out more about Ring:

There has been a lot of debates about algorithm and transparency over the past year. In our latest investigation we found that the DWP (UK welfare agency) is a particularly bad player. Read our story here:...

The DWP is using an algorithm to flag people they surveil for alleged cases of fraud. How is this algorithm working and what data do they process? That, they won’t say.

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