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WhatsApp's notification to accept its new policy or lose your account is wrong on so many levels we need a short thread to talk about it

🧵👇 1/9

Why would they want phone numbers so badly? Because they're great globally unique identifiers. Remember: first and foremost Facebook is an advertising company. Your attention is the product 4/9

(BTW we've got great guides on how to limit targeted ads on Facebook, and tweak your privacy settings on WhatsApp if you really need to keep using them 🤫 ) 5/9

We’re expecting a judgment to be handed down by the High Court in our case tomorrow at 10:30 GMT.

Stay tuned.

It's that time of year! We're putting together a podcast of all our predictions and things to look out for in 2021, so we can look back and laugh come December.

If you have anything you think people should be looking out for drop us a line:

The data-intensive tactics used by the opposition to rights to curtail access to abortion care range from misleading websites to sophisticated ad targeting.

Read more here 👇

Preparing for what fights you will take on in 2021…

Are you seeing a new ID system in your country or city?

Get a head-start on the legal arguments by reading our new guide —>

📣 This is a reminder to frequently change your passwords! 📣

For the last year, we have been looking at the 30 fundamental rights & freedoms in the UDHR through the lens of privacy, highlighting it’s key role in defending our freedoms, autonomy & dignity.

Find out at least 30 reasons why

Private military and security companies are playing a crucial role in immigration management, with little to no scrutiny - learn more!

2020 saw a lot of peaceful protests take place around the world. Read about the link between the right to privacy and the right to participate in peaceful protests here: OHCHR peaceful protest submission October 2019.pdf

We believe technology should empower and enable us, not exploit our data for profit and power.

GDPR makes it mandatory for companies to give you access to your data. Yet some of the menstruation apps we requested our data from wouldn’t engage. Find out more about them:

We spoke to Sofía de Robina, a staff lawyer at Mexican NGO Centro Prodh, about her organisation's experience of surveillance.

The organisation is targeted for its work on enforced disappearances, extrajudicial killings or torture.

NEW interview from PI's Reprodutive Rights and Privacy Project! We speak w @KELINKenya about data exploitation in reproductive healthcare in Kenya

Working with the Harvard Law Clinic, we have been looking at the key cases including in , , where national ID systems are being challenges in courts!

FInd out more —> Guide to Litigating Identity Systems

Asylum seekers are often targeted with intrusive surveillance technologies and afforded only limited rights: as a result, they are often treated as “guilty until proven innocent”.

Read more here —>

Does anyone know about your mood, stools, drinking habits, sex life, masturbation habits, medication intake and how your breasts feel? 😳 Your menstruation app does! We requested our data and this is what we found: ...

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