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The EU's top court has ruled that UK, French and Belgian mass surveillance regimes must respect privacy

But what does that mean for governments' data collection schemes? And what does it take to fight a legal battle lasting years?

Following our research, 31.8% of the tested mental health sites reduced use of third parties trackers. That's not enough.

Mental health isn't for sale and tracking can't be the default for sites dealing with sensitive information

It's and mental health matters more than ever in these stressful times. Yet, some websites dedicated to mental health still tracking people.

The need for change is urgent:

Online depression tests gather some of the most intimate information about us.

A year after our inital research, some online depression tests still share all your answers with third parties 🤬:

It's and a year after our research it's still unacceptable for mental health sites to track us, share and monetize our data.

Our research and follow up:

This Sunday, we will be joining @DIGawards for a great panel on how technology and surveillance are used to close borders.

Our own @svaroschi will talk about tech and data-driven threats to migrants and refugees. More here:

ALL social media users should benefit from policies intended to shield them from unconscionable advertising practices, regardless of where they're based. Global presence should mean global accountability + effort 👇

Things Facebook has done ahead of the 2020 for its US-based users:
-Fewer political ads
-Outright ban of political ads a week before election
-Ban to last indefinitely, incl. issue-based ads

Things Facebook has done in other countries with elections in 2020: 🤷🏽‍♀️

"Forget Tracking Your Period—Your Period (App) Is Tracking You” - We spoke to Marie Claire about the data menstruation apps are collecting about you. Watch this more space for more research to be published on this very topic! 🩸

a good example that everyone should follow: the @privacyint newsletter to supporters:

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Next week we will take part in the 21st edition of the Bruges Colloquium on International Humanitarian Law jointly organised by the @ICRC and @collegeofeurope to discuss "New Technologies on the Battlefield: Friend or Foe?"

Register now to join us! 🗓

Yesterday, the Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) issued an important judgment.

How did we get there and what happens next?

Read all the answers (and more) in our Q&A!

Thanks to speakers and participants that joined us today to discuss the impact of the use of private military and security services in immigration and border management on the the rights of all migrants!

We co-hosted with @UNHumanRights

Watch it here:

CSO @cejil's @mundopenelope replies that Colombia is most lethal country for HRDs, and that the Colombian gov't maintains status quo of violence + impunity by action & omission.

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