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Approached by the police to hand in Amazon Ring data or given an Amazon Ring doorbell for free? Here’s what you might be sacrificing for a false sense of security.

Whether it’s to track your physical performance or keep an eye on your health you probably had a very good reason to buy a Fitbit.
But there is no good reason for Google to get that data.
Help us stop them:

Google tiene un pasado oscuro en competencia y protección de datos, y ahora desea comprar @Fitbit.

Suma tu voz y demanda que la @ComisionEuropea bloquee este acuerdo.

Únete a nuestra campaña en

Data protection laws like GDPR provide us with rights to ask private companies and authorities like the police what data they have on us and why. It might sound complicated but it should not be.

We have prepared some tips to help.

Do you think your heart rate, sexual activities and sleep patterns should stay between you and carefully selected partners? We think so too.

That’s why we are campaigning to stop the Google/Fitibit merger.

Mood, physical activity, sex, sleep… Ever thought about all the things you share with @fitbit ? Google is after this data. But we have the power to stop them:

Working together with @NoTech4Tyrants to expose contracts of UK government with Palantir and demand transparency - NHS contract is only one of them.

Find out more

Abbiamo lanciato una petizione chiedendo alla Commissaria @vestager di bloccare l’acquisizione di @Fitbit da parte di Google.

La nostra salute non è il prossimo giocattolo delle aziende tech!

Unisciti alla campagna :


Entrusting companies with policing our communities ultimately means more abuse, discrimination and inequality.

This undermines democracy.

When @Shareconference asked about the new Huawei cameras in Belgrade they were told all of the relevant documents were ‘confidential’ and the ministry didn’t have any documents regarding the locations or even how the locations were chosen.

According to a recent @EURightsAgency survey, 41% of people don’t want to share ANY personal data with private companies.

That’s why we need to stop Google buying Fitbit, so they don’t get our sensitive health data.

Sign the petition at

«Θέλουμε όντως η Google να σχεδιάσει για εμάς ένα μέλλον όπου θα ρυθμίζει εκείνη τα επιδόματά μας και το πώς θα μας ελέγχει η εργοδότριά μας ή ο ασφαλιστής μας;»

Δεν θέλουμε. Και μπορούμε να κάνουμε κάτι για αυτό.

Surveillance privatisation is plaguing modern democracies.

Secret deals w/out any scrutiny or public debate, govts allowing corps to dictate how they should govern us & companies exploiting us for profit.

What a convenient, interconnected state!

Find out more from @UnwantedWitness about what’s been going on in Uganda re Huawei and surveillance deals that lack transparency:

This week, Germany's top court confirmed what we already know - big tech knows too much about us. Now they want to get our health data.

But we can stop them! Sign our petition to EU regulators to block the Google/Fitbit merger.

This week's podcast takes a look at Google's attempt to buy Fitbit and why we're telling the EU commission to block the merger

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