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This week is , we want to highlight again that its totally unacceptable for mental health sites to track us, share and monetize our data.

Our research 👇

Together with civil society groups, academics and other experts, we sent this open letter calling on UK Secretary of State for Health and Social Care Matt Hancock to publish details about the datastore.

“We must beware Palantir – and any other data mining company – bearing gifts during a pandemic. This is the only way we can make sure that a public health crisis will not turn into an opportunistic power grab.”

With more and more will be relying on state support. Privacy must not the price we pay!

> Read our take on the impact of Covid19 on welfare systems

> And our partner @internetlabbr’s analysis of Bolsa Familia

We are looking at stories of abuse through the lens of privacy, highlighting privacy’s key role in their occurrence.

Find out what privacy matters:

The Bolsa Familia programme in Brazil delivers cash to 40.8 million but is privacy the price people are paying for the support they receive? Our partner @internetlabbr is giving you the rundown.

Satellite Navigation has elements of both Bluetooth and Telco data tracking; it is both highly invasive against an individual's movements and is not based on proximity to other devices.

From 2019 to 2020, citizens of economically disadvantaged neighborhoods in the Netherlands were subject to unlawful invasion of their privacy by the Dutch government’s automated welfare fraud detection system.

Find out why privacy matters:

Want to read more about the impact of surveillance on welfare systems? Take a look at this piece on the situation in Brazil from our partner @internetlabbr

Privacy protects our ability to opt out of data collection and algorithmic decision-making that might unfairly limit our access to welfare.

Find out why privacy matters:

Our right to social security is universal and should not depend on our willingness to submit to government surveillance and monitoring.

Find out why privacy matters:

“Public sector pay freeze”, "spending reductions” the discourse we’re hearing in the UK at the moment is all too familiar.
And we fear this could lead to more surveillance for welfare claimants.
➡️Our take:

9 months ago we released our research into tracking on mental health websites and how invasive these sites can be.

In light of covid-19 and a global rise of depression and anxiety, the problem is more relevant than ever.

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