A week ago, the UK High Court agreed with us: non-specific warrants are incompatible with the common law. Read about the ruling 👇 t.co/5rNjW9ZtKG

A well-deserved recognition of the great work done by @SMEX in Lebanon & the region! 👏

“In countries where there’s no democracy, there’s no concept of civic space,” he @monajem says. “The online space is really the only one people can use to express themselves—to do anything....

We've updated our timeline of global card registration laws.

We've warned for years that these laws could be used against activists and government critics - it's happening now in


"Now, because their fingerprints are captured on refugee databases, the very system responsible for protecting asylum seekers has effectively rendered them stateless."

Read this great blogpost by @KerenWeitzberg on statelessness and...

📢📅 Today we join @edri and other 61 organisations demanding for applications of Artificial Intelligence that threaten fundamental human rights.

Read the open letter to the @EU_Commission....

What can you expect from 2021?

We have a chat and reveal what your 2021 horoscope says about what's coming soon for you in the latest episode of the Technology Pill

Listen now whereever you get your podcasts or on our website:...

ICYMI - check out this interview from PI's Reprodutive Rights and Privacy Project!

We speak w the CEO of UK-based charity @AbortionSupport about how opposition groups are promoting misleading health info to delay people from accessing safe abortion care


@lps @resist1984 Sorry about that, you can see the video on nitter here: nitter.net/privacyint/status/1

We're indeed using a twitter bot but also monitoring this account. It seems that videos posted on Twitter don't get reposted to Mastodon, we'll look into that to find a better solution

By now, you probably know about our judicial review win before the UK High Court. But you may not yet know that this wasn't a typical PI victory. Find out why 🔎


Litigation is a marathon, not a sprint. Yesterday's legal victory was five years in the making. Find out more about our case's background and evolution 👇


After a five year battle against the UK government over the use of ‘general warrants’, WE WON at the UK High Court today! Learn more from our Legal Director in this short video (1m34s):

And then read more here:...

WE WON. After a five year battle, the UK High Court agreed with us: general warrants defy 250 years of common law jurisprudence.

Read our press release 👇

Now that have updated their terms, forcing users to share their data with , here's our suggested update to that notification you see at the top of your chats.

Second, this is further proof that the promises @Facebook made to the EU when buying WhatsApp are long gone.

If you need a reminder: ec.europa.eu/commission/pressc

@Facebook This reflects badly on the European Commission, who've just approved the Google-Fitbit merger. Should we expect the same level of commitment from Google? 🤷‍♂️



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