We look forward to joining @UnwantedWitness and a line-up of experts to discuss the implications of vaccination certificates/documentation.

In the meantime check our analysis of @WHO guidance on the deployment of such documentation: privacyinternational.org/advoc nitter.net/UnwantedWitness/sta

And now it's Mexico turn to ignore all the warnings 🙉🙊🙈

Why do governments continue to deploy biometric systems given the extensive risks already documented and more recently seen with the situation in Afghanistan.

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@WHO guidance on Ethics and Governance of Artificial Intelligence for Health does not shy away from acknowledging the risks and limitations of the use of AI in healthcare.

Find out more in our analysis as we continue to question why AI? privacyinternational.org/news-

💪 Civil society organisations and activists around the globe have been leading the fight to challenge discriminatory and exclusionary identity systems.

Check out our guide on Litigating Identity Systems to see how their arguments played out in court.


Privacy is the foundation on which we can build a future we can be proud of tomorrow. And it is the tool that we can use to fight for all of our rights today.

To Reduce Facebook’s Harms to Teens, Target its Data-Hungry Business Model, we write in @techpolicypress


At the heart of how content is curated and shown to teens and other people on Instagram, is the company’s extensive and invasive data collection.

Exclusionary & discriminatory patterns built into ID systems can easily be replicated + amplified, when ID is made a requirement to access basic public services.

Read our examples from India, Kenya, Uganda and those emerging with measures👇


Privacy should not be an afterthought and, for us, it has never been the endgame.

What do we lose if we lose our privacy?

This is our series 👉privacyinternational.org/learn

Does linking biometrics-based ID systems with social protection programmes foster access or reinforce exclusion?

Our partners @cis_india take a look at the food distribution system during the pandemic, and the obstacles faced by beneficiaries 👇


We're thrilled to take part in this important discussion!

We'll be discussing our research into tech being developed & deployed that can exploit the data of people accessing reproductive healthcare


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Remember Clearview AI? The company that claims to have “the largest known database of 3+ billion facial images”? A few months ago, we together with others took legal action against the company. [t.co/cRosftvVpJ]

Here are a few things that have happened since.. 👇

Clearview was also recently found to be in violation of 🇨🇦Canadian privacy law for collecting photos of Canadians w/o their consent + w/o an appropriate purpose.

The company was required to cease operating in the country.

The findings of these investigations could have major ramifications on Clearview’s operations in the EU.

Clearview’s business practices also remain under joint investigation by the 🇬🇧UK and 🇦🇺Australian data protection authorities.

Participation in modern life should not require giving up your and your loved ones’ privacy. That’s why we continue to be committed to stopping exploitation of people’s data as a business model.

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Despite these important steps, the company continues to garner support. For example - it recently closed a Series B funding round, raking in $30 million.

Following the complaints, the data protection authority in 🇬🇷Greece has confirmed that they have started an official investigation into the company + the 🇫🇷French data protection authority is looking into Clearview + the use of facial recognition in law enforcement

Want to know why you are being followed around the web by the same ad? It’s really easy just go to…we’re kidding you’ll never know 😡

✨ But there are things you can do. Read our guides to see how you could protect you & your friends from online tracking

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