Our global tracker has been recording the different measures announced to tackle the pandemic since the start.

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Working with global partners we explored data exploitative tech used to curtail access to rights in various countries around the world.

Find out what we discovered is happening in ...

UK asylum seekers receive £39 a week to survive, but all their transactions are monitored by the Home Office.

We don’t think privacy should be the price you pay to live with dignity.

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The right to privacy and sexual & reproductive rights are linked because of the fact that laws + policies which impede on rights to access sexual & services may also interfere with right to and decision around bodily...

Your mental health data should not be for sale. But we found out that many websites don’t take the privacy of their visitors as seriously as they should ...

Tech companies have realised there is a profit to be made with the increase need for state support like creating a ‘government-industry complex’.

Find out more about the role of industry in the provision of such services 👉...

The data-intensive tactics used by the opposition to reproductive rights to curtail access to abortion care range from misleading websites to sophisticated ad targeting.

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We are looking for a Legal Officer who will help us develop creative approaches to national & global advocacy + pursuing legal avenues to hold governments and companies to account.

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In the UK, arms and tech companies are making billions from the UK's migration and border control system.

Check out our guide which details the databases and surveillance tech available to immigration...

Working with the Harvard Law Clinic, we looked the key cases including in , , where national ID systems are being challenged in courts!

Find out more in our "Guide to Litigating Identity Systems"...

Only a few days left to apply to join us in the role of Legal Officer to join us!

Deadline: 9 April 2021

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Vaccination is part of the solution out of the pandemic but the cost of this must not be the roll-out of inappropriate and exclusionary digital ID that will make these inequalities permanent and entrenched in law.

Find out why we are concerned:...

🚨 NEW: Job Opportunity 🚨

We are looking to recruit a Legal Officer to join us!

Deadline: 9 April 2021

More details on our website: privacyinternational.org/oppor

Civil society organisations and activists arround the globe have led the fight to challenge discriminatory and exclusionary systems.

⚖️ Read our guide on 'Litigating Identity Systems' to see how their arguments played out in court....

One year on and we're still updating our tracker monitoring the global response to 👀

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We are looking to recruit a Legal Officer to join us!

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🚨NEW: Job Opportunity 🚨

Come work with us! We have an opening for a Legal Officer position!

Deadline: 9 April 2021


The right to is one of the precedents used to establish . This means the enjoyment of both rights are connected.

We documented data exploitative techs & tactics used to delay or curtail access to reproductive...

In our analysis of the we argue that reliance on the 'consent' of victims and witnesses of crime is not appropriate for far reaching powers in relation to mobile phone extraction:...

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