After a five year battle against the UK government over the use of ‘general warrants’, WE WON at the UK High Court today! Learn more from our Legal Director in this short video (1m34s):

And then read more here:...

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Not sure if this is a twitter bot but your links are not included here

@lps @privacyint i would have liked to see a link, b/c it's a bit out of charactor for Brits to care about privacy.


Usually they post to media.privacy but I don't see anything.


@lps @privacyint I appreciate the link. I have to say that with privacy being your core mission & considering #Twitter forcing users to disclose a mobile ph# for access, you should treat your fedi acct as official & ensure that acct is a /superset/ of the twtr acct.

@privacyint @lps Since you have Twtr and FB links on your website, I highly recommend reading this article: Stallman gives good advice about how to use FB in a less harmful way than you are, and those principles apply to #twitter as well.

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