Google already knows too much about us.

And now, it wants to get its hands on our sensitive health data.

We have launched a petition telling the @EU_Commission to block their merger with @Fitbit. Add your voice!

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@privacyint I've been actually thinking about this. Google wants to get into smart watches but that would centralize even more data into their hands, but... Everything that a smartwatch does phone kinda does already with the exception of blood pressure, right?

Alternatively more competition in competent smart watches would fracture the market a bit leaving an opening for open watch? Right now we kinda already only have 2 competent watches: apple watch and Samsung's offering — looks like Android again.

@Wraptile @privacyint PineTime from @PINE64 is a smartwatch that runs on free and open source software, and it's under development. The price will be $25. (A developer kit is available now, but it's not yet a finished product.)

#FOSS #openhardware #opensource #freesoftware #smartwatch

@rogue @privacyint @PINE64 Looks really cool though I've tried few of these cheap smart watches and was anything but impressed. I feel that this target market is really weird. It's a device you'd want to wear all day and even night time (for sleep analytics) so color me a bit cynical when it comes to comfort and daily usability of something selling for 25$

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