Did you know that @Fitbit can track your sleeping patterns or even whether you are having unprotected sex? Wondering what @google could do with this data?

Sign the petition to the @EU_Commission to stop the merger!

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@privacyint @google can you please qualify that "can track *unprotected* sex" claim? Finding it hard to understand how this can be true.

@privacyint guess new Fitbits fit your bits in a way I don't know about

@privacyint @fox aha! That actually makes sense if it's a write in :)

@xurizaemon @privacyint It will be automatically tracked with the Fitbit Peen™ and the Fitbit Poon™. It couples via bluetooth to the Fitbit itself. When both these devices come in close proximity, a question will pop up "Are you wearing any?"

But in all seriousness, ask yourself what's wrong with you if you are approached by a random stranger on the street, then being offended by a very personal question but on the other hand willingly hand this data over to a data hoarder.

Fun fact: When Fitbit first launched they, as a company, decided to set users sex stats to be public by default. After revoking this feature, a bug then exposed all users sex stats to Google search results. Fitbit has been sharing that info with Google since it's debut through both features and bugs, all a merge does is continue the trend. Fitbit is not a trustworthy company

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