@privacyint And who guarantees that page does really "unlist" numbers – and doesn't instead subscribe them to some other service?

Opt-Out is the wrong way. One cannot expect people to hunt the entire Internet to see where else they have to "unlist". If you use my data, I expect you to ask my consent *before* – and not to object later, when harm possibly already has been done.

And don't come with "unpracticable". I just showed opt-out is unpracticable as well. Confirmation SMS is not. Respect my privacy!

@IzzyOnDroid We agree with you that Truecaller should have other safeguards for people's privacy.

We highlighted the unlisting option as it was available but not visible, and many asked how to access it.

We suggested to introduce a confirmation SMS as it would make a person aware of her number being collected by the app: it is a way to limit harm, not an ideal solution.

@privacyint Guess they are afraid of getting less data when using opt-in. That's all they seem to care about...

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