Hey @privacyint,
I'd be interested in watching the video you talk about - but I don't want to feed Twitter or YouTube with even more data by visiting their sites :mastoface_with_rolling_eyes:
May I suggest that you try to provide a direct link to the video instead of linking a Twitter post? 😊
And if you really care about your followers privacy - how about uploading it to PeerTube? :mastoinnocent:


@tetrapyloctomist You can find the video on our website at this address: privacyinternational.org/video

And you might notice... it's actually hosted on our very own instance 😇

Thank you for sharing the links to your website in your recent toots - instead of linking to some commercial social media site that is part of the privacy infringing data mining industry you're fighting to protect us from! :mastolove:

And yes, making your videos available on your PeerTube instance gets you a lot of brownie points on top! :mastodance:

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