In the future, millions of CCTV cameras may be enabled with tech, so UK police forces will be able to spy on us all in public. With @libertyhq we're shining a light on what your local police might already be doing

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@privacyint 1/2 I would love to engage on uses of this technology. We are piloting face (and behavior) recognition in hospitals to identify whether a person in the patient room is nurse, doctor, patient or visitor, without attaching features to names, and monitoring safety issues (i.e. falls). In future, this technology may be used in aged care facilities or future home monitoring devices.

@privacyint 2/2 In compliance with GDPR, we are building tools to enable patients to view and control exactly what data is monitored. We are also adding hard shut off systems to make sure patients can feel at ease if they do not trust the digital controls. Still, there is an emerging feeling that these technologies should not be implemented at all, and I would like to have a discussion on this topic in detail.

@demirhere Thanks for your message. Feel free to DM us, about what you'd like to discuss. And thanks for following us on Mastodon!

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