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how you know i'm from massachusetts: every time i'm annoyed with an english person i wanna throw my tea into the ocean

Hours spent reading about games : playing games

is probably like

20 : 1

for me

knock knock
who's there
acch who?
bless you

^ ma fav joke

@Cocoron is the one tooter i always check up on when i get back on Mastodon

florescent lights = dystopia

funny thing is we're in a dystopian world with tons of warm colors and wood stuff like in hipster coffee shops

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I wonder if there are any videos on YouTube that break down Marxist theory as simply as possible, and are targeted towards people with as little background knowledge as possible

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Coral reefs 'at make or break point' UN environment chief says.
Erik Solheim cites ‘huge decline’ in world’s reefs. Estimates vary, but coral reefs are thought to sustain the lives of about one billion people.

Is it just me, or are people who understand, but don't take action on climate actually psychopaths, or murderers or something?

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I got suuuuch cool pictures though. It was absolutely beautiful.

Mastodon being a replacement for Twitter doesn't fix a few of the big problems with twitter:

notification addiction
infinite feed dopamine yo
shouting into the abyss with every toot

We need more human connections.

Some water and candy, that's all I really need.


This Vintage T-Shirt Dealer Sells to Kanye, Jerry Lorenzo and Migos


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before Windows standardized on the hourglass, the Atari ST desktop used a bee to indicate the system was busy mastodon.social/media/UpI7Cwmj

I think I now have a more sane view of traveling. Being able to travel assuminges some affluence, a lucky nationality, and good health so it's not possible for every one. If it's done with respect for the location's culture and people, it can serve to expand your understanding of the world, it's cultures and peoples. It's only one part of life. Life isn't only about traveling and there's nothing inherently more moral or better about doing so. And there's nothing wrong if you don't like to do it.

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@popon Visualize yourself on a bright and active street. Now find yourself the closest dumpster in a sidestreet. Visualize your crappy day as a moldy sandwich in a brown paper bag.

Imagine yourself doing a kick ass toss from the head of the ally and landing the shot right in the waiting dumpster and then walking off to find adventure ^_^

Anyone have tips for leaving a hard day behind and enjoying the night at least?

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