Tomorrow night Mika will broadcast a special intimate show to raise money for the people of Beirut….. and the line up of special guests is incredible! Tune in to special performances from Kylie, Danna Paola, Laura Pausini, Rufus Wainwright, Salma Hayek and more.

All money raised will be split between two charities that are doing incredible work on the ground in Beirut - Lebanese Red Cross Lebanon and Save The Children.


Also, I’m fucking furious Jane Child, Sophie B Hawkins, and Taylor Dayne didn’t get all they deserved. AND I’M GONNA STAY MAD.

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I just read on birdsite that 2600 is "getting political". They don't get it, 2600 don't need to stay in "it's lane", the complainers need to switch lanes before it's too late . Thank you for coming to my Ted Talk.

So how does one cut the Zuckerberg cable and get by without the seemingly important connectiveness one has with distant friends? Asking for a friend.

@Bones_and_Feathers - is taking on new witches? It's been almost 24hrs since I applied and the info says applications are checked frequently...

I can't escape Zuckerbergland. Too many of my friends won't leave. I hate it there with visceral anger.

I'm supposed to do an intro. OK...

50 year old Polyamorous Pagan, into World of WarCraft, Gothic/Industrial music from the '90s, antidepressants, Star Trek, Gilmour Girls, and the only Star Wars trilogy that matters (1977-1983) ISO freaks and weirdos. No Amish.

request for financial help 

... i hate that i have to ask for help with this, given everything that everyone's dealing with a lot right now, but...

our car was fucking towed by out apartment complex without any reasonable warning and due to the plague (and us not going out often), we just got the notice today from the towing place. They stole our car and it's gonna cost us almost $800 to get it back.
But the worst part, is that our apartment complex did this to us. We desperately want to get out of here; we have a place to go, but it's gonna cost us an obscene amount of money to break the lease (~$3400) on top of our already high rent.

If anybody can help, i'd be immensely grateful.
my paypal is

thank you all for reading... thank you

aw yeah, got my stickers from @pagrus :flan_alien:

my camera doesn't do justice to how well they glow!

I think a lot about the the time ALF glued a zipper to his chest so he could go trick-or-treating on Halloween. Super clever.

Condemnation, tried
Here on the stand
With the book in my hand
Truth on my side

Accusations, lies
Hand me my sentence
I'll show no repentance
I'll suffer with pride

If for honesty, you want apologies
I don't sympathize
For kindness, you substitute blindness
Please open your eyes

@skiring Please add me to Consensual Non-Monogamy, Feminism, Horror, Humour, LGBTQI, Liberalism, Movies, Witchcraft.

Why does my apartment smell like weed when I don't have any?

Dunkin coffees only go up to XL. I need at least two more to re-ignite my college Math circuits...

All this tooting and boosting is exhausting! G'night!

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