Some news! Scenes are now saved on quit, and reloaded when launching the game again.

Plus the scenes detection algorithm now handle the strange hacks of Pokémon Gold/Silver.

Scenes being saved and reloaded makes a huge difference: it's almost like saving your progress into the world, with the map being uncovered as the player explore.

Took a while to code, because for now it is implemented in C—and C makes everything difficult 😖

(C is the language of SameBoy, the emulator I'm hacking for the initial implementation of . Plus it will make exported the code as a library easy.

But damn, if I ever write an implementation again, it will be in Rust.)

Next steps before releasing a binary:

- Implement the other renderers (OpenGL, Cocoa)
- Make the frames detection slighly more robust

(Meanwhile progress on the source code can be checked out here:

@LemoineArthur oué, le résultat est assez cool !

Normalement ça fonctionnera avec la majorité des jeux Game Boy (faudra peut-être juste que j'ajuste un poil l'algorithme).

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