For years, I wanted to turn Link's Awakening into a continuous-scrolling game.

Today I finally made it work! 🎉

A few modifications to the SameBoy emulator turn the game from its gameplay… (see first video)
to THIS! (see awesome second video)

(Initially I wanted to do this as a ROM hack. That was the idea behind disassembling the code of the original game.

But the data format of the maps is not suited to a continuous-scrolling gameplay ; plus the original code is quite complex, and the Game Boy capacities limited.)

The resolution seems way too big for a gb game, I'm guessing it's needed to show the world map? Looks great!

@duckfs yes, it's to allow the user to peek at more of the map at once :)

Looks really nice! If it were distributed, how would it be done? A modified binary for the emulator, or does it have some config that could be distributed? (unfamiliar with sameboy, I use bgb or VC injects)

@duckfs good question.

Most of the code (for the extended map) is game-agnostic, and will work with any game.

There are only a few lines specific to ZeldaDX are to read Link's position in memory, and apply it only when it is relevant (see

I guess it could be made configurable, using config files stating for each game:

- the memory address of the character position (like `posx=0xFFE9 ; posy=0xFFEA`)
- a conditional expression (like `only_if=0xDC45=0x0B && 0xFFE0!=4)

@duckfs at least I plan to release the general hack (for the extended map) in a few days ; it will be game-agnostic and easy to distribute.

@pmorinerie This is cool :) Are you still annoyed by the moving HUD (if that's what the status bar can be called in these games)?

@ng0 yes, the HUD is a little annoying…

But actually, reading your comment makes me think that I can draw the HUD wherever I want. There is probably an easy hack to keep it stable (instead of scrolling with the screen).

@pmorinerie that is an extremely cool mod and makes the game look far more immersive, nice work!!

@EvanHahn thanks!

I'm still working on this (mostly scene saving and reloading) ; and afterwards I'll even be able to release this thing :)

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